Festive program for the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria

On the occasion of the national holiday of the Republic of Bulgaria, we will pay tribute to the heroes who regained our freedom, we will turn to the national ideals for a pure and holy republic, for peace and unity.


The Historical Park prepares its next season with the special anniversary event calendar of 2024!

Anniversaries are an important event! Anniversaries are an occasion for celebration for every organisation.
They are synonym of life, faith and development


Some well-deserved awards for undeniable achievements

We won the most awards in the most important tourism competition organised by the Ministry of Tourism. In 2022, the award for tourist municipality of the year was won by the municipality of Vetrino, and in 2023, the village of Neofit Rilski became Bulgaria's No. 1 tourist destination.


The Historical Park also welcomes guests during the winter season

With a new winter makeover, shorter opening hours and a weather-adapted format of services, the Historical Park keeps its doors wide open to all visitors.


The flight of the arrow is felt with the heart

The IVth International Traditional Archery Tournament "Historical Park 2023" unfolded impressively and spectacularly. The power of inspiration, sportsmanship and friendship brought together over 130 competitors from 10 countries.


Historical festival "ODRYUZA, Cradle of the Thousand Cities"

Honouring the legends and historical sources, the participants of the festival will present rituals from the ancient past and will recreate for the audience a reenactment of the legendary slave uprising "Spartacus - the destroyer of shackles" dedicated to the Third Servile War in Rome (73-71 BC), led by the immortal son of Thrace.