The Historical Park prepares its next season with the special anniversary event calendar of 2024!

The Historical Park prepares its next season with the special anniversary event calendar of 2024!

  • For five years, together with you, we shared the love of history and culture.
  • Five years of adventures from the past and the present intertwine in fascinating events!
  • Five years of large-scale and international events!
  • Five years of traditional and new initiatives!
  • Five years looking towards the future!

Created to mark the fifth anniversary of our opening, the History Park events calendar will offer a wide range of cultural events.

From 2019 to today, the Historical Park presents history that has passed through time and survived in our world. With its endless possibilities, the HP and the Festival Zone will become in 2024 the home of numerous events.

At the height of the tourist season, during the warm summer months, cultural events of a diverse nature will be held here. From historical and traditional, through folkloric and contemporary, to international and local. Each event in the calendar represents a kind of meeting of history with the present, in which the events come to life in a faithful interpretation.

In addition to famous participants and history lovers from different parts of the world, Historical Park will bring together people with diverse interests in a unique space. We will give the many participants not only a field for the expression of individual creative skills, but also an opportunity for self-expression.

The anniversary edition of the 2024 event calendar is an occasion to look forward to the future together with enthusiasm. The Historical Park would not be so unique without you: our visitors and friends! Thank you for your faith and support over these five years.

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