Some well-deserved awards for undeniable achievements

This year again, the municipality of Vetrino won the most awards in the most important tourist competition, which was organised by the Ministry of Tourism.

Last year, the municipality of the year award was won by the municipality of Vetrino, and this year the village of Neofit Rilski became Bulgaria's leading tourist destination. Something that seemed unthinkable 5 years ago is now a reality thanks to the relentless efforts of the people and businesses around Historic Park.

In a short time, the village was transformed into an architectural masterpiece that impresses every visitor, regardless of whether they are Bulgarian or foreigners. The municipality of Vetrino became an important actor in the historical and cultural tourism of the Balkan Peninsula and the Annual Tourism Awards confirm this fact.

The best thing is that our municipality became famous not only through the village of Neofit Rilski, but also through the wonderful tourist complex "The Inn", which has become a cultural meeting place for the people who visit it and the residents of the village.

The beautiful medieval building has become a place that creates unforgettable memories and is a favorite of thousands of visitors.

And last but not least, the "Naedno" yurt camp won an award in the "Innovations" category. This innovative campsite helps guests to get in touch with nature and at the same time not deprive themselves of the comforts that modern people are used to. An inspiring place for adults and children, which deservedly became the winner in this category. An interesting fact is that the wins are by a huge margin, which is indicative of the wonderful feedback users are giving these sites.

The award itself took place at a lavish ceremony that took place at the Sofia Balkan Palace Hotel. The event was held under the patronage of the Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, and the main actor of the ceremony was the Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova, who presented one of the awards. An award went to Gagik Arakelyan, who built the "Inn" complex, the mayor of the village of Neofit Rilski, Petar Nikolov, won the award for tourist destination, and for the yurt camp, the award was given to Tsanko Kolev.

We had a pleasant impression at the event that everyone knew the municipality of Vetrino and its representatives and treated them with great respect. Becoming popular in the tourism and cultural industry is an extraordinary success that can be achieved either by excellent results or by being close to power. Those who are familiar with the history of the creation of the municipality of Vetrino as a modern tourist municipality know that the latter is out of the question, because the people who work on these projects have always had a tendency to tell the truth and accordingly stand up for it, which is never liked by the current government. It shows that the efforts that have been put in are huge and the only thing that is more than that is persistence. The people behind this success prove every year that Bulgaria is the country of unlimited opportunities and together we can build it as it is in our dreams. It is seen that we can build great things and that setting and following the right beginning attracts like-minded people who build on what has already been built. The Historical Park was started from scratch and despite the media and power campaign against it, despite the initial disbelief of the people, it managed to be built the way it was stated that it would be built. This, in turn, inspired other people who decided to do business in this place, and we see how year after year the municipality changes and attracts the best Bulgarians from the country and abroad. Their systematic efforts are paying off, and now in their 5th year, they are proving that ordinary people have more power and opportunities than we ever imagined. This miracle in the Bulgarian economic life shows us the right direction and encourages more and more people to act. We sincerely believe that 2024 will be much better than 2023 and we will see many more miracles happening not only in our municipality but also in neighbouring ones. We have already seen that the "Ovech" fortress also won the grand prize in this year's edition of the Annual Tourist Awards of the Ministry of Tourism, in which the municipality of Vetrino undoubtedly has great merit, because everything that happens here affects the neighbours as well. The saying that when a tide comes in it lifts all boats, we see it in action. The struggle to improve the municipality of Vetrino is a struggle for the whole of Bulgaria and the effect of this modern Bulgarian miracle is there.

We wish the people who work miracles to continue doing it and make happy all honest Bulgarians around the world. We wish them success in the coming year and we will be watching with trepidation for all the news