Mission And Goals

The mission of the Historical Park project

In 1396, as a result of the crisis looming over the medieval Christian world and after a century of war against the Ottoman Empire, the heart of Central and Eastern Europe – Bulgaria - fell. For many centuries it had been the center of the development of culture, spirituality and knowledge. For hundreds of years, it had been a guiding light for the entire Slavic world. Creators of the Bulgarian writing system, hosts to the best ceramic schools in the world, brave warriors and brilliant strategists, builders of breathtaking palaces, champions of equality and freedom, bearers of order and culture, the Bulgarians were an incredible people.

Just before them, over 3000 years ago, these lands were inhabited by a free-spirited and powerful people - the Thracians - a nation of incredibly brave warriors, who put freedom before life. A folk which gave birth to the mighty Spartacus and the magical Orpheus. Masters of merriment and war, creators of amazing treasures, the Thracians have always been an attractive force to anyone possessing the spirit of adventure.

Long before them, the first European civilization emerged on our lands. The state of development of these people still amazes contemporary scientists and leaves them without explanation regarding the achievements of such an early society.

The contemporary Bulgarian is the heir to these great civilizations that lived on our lands, but unfortunately, only artifacts that are solely understandable to archaeologists, but not to the common man, remain. This is the reason why, for the last 140 years, we have undervalued ourselves and bowed our heads to foreign greatness. We, at the Historical Park, have decided to introduce the whole world to the genius, hard work and creativity of our folk.

From now on, every child, every man or woman will be able to travel back in time and learn about the great people who inhabited these magical lands.


The largest and the first historical, cultural and recreational-educational park of its kind in the world opened in Bulgaria in the summer of 2019. Designed as a large-scale complex expanding in its completed form on over 50 hectares, 33 km from Varna, the Historical Park offers Bulgarian and foreign visitors an interactive trip up to 10,000 years back in time during the five eras of human civilization. It will be recreated on the very ground that saw its development, which happened on our lands from the Chalcolithic and Neolithic times, through the glorious history of the Thracians and Rome, until the heyday of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms.

Through various interactive and sensorial-educational formats, the Park will offer visitors an experience with ancient and millennia-old cultures, bringing an absolute revolution in cultural and historical tourism and responding to the growing demand for historic sites worldwide. Thematic crafts courses, historical performances and films, ancient martial arts lessons, training in traditional skills, horseback riding, theoretical seminars, exhibitions and accurate restorations of objects, tools and lifestyle elements of the past will be presented in the five historical eras available to visitors. Along with them are provided traditional facilities for relaxation and eating with authentic recipes from ancient times, prepared only with natural Bulgarian products. For an additional experience, a children's area, movie theater and souvenir shop will be created with authentic Bulgarian recreations by artists and masters, of artifacts of the past and many others.

"The idea for the creation of the Historical Park is mine and was born in 2011. The main purpose of the project is to change the way foreigners look at Bulgarians and Bulgaria, as well as the way we perceive ourselves. This world-class attraction will change the type of tourists who visit our country and at the same time create a promising economic sector that will allow many Bulgarians to enter the international business. We can all be glad that we are part of this new beginning for Bulgaria, national tourism and self-awareness, and I am more than happy about that "said Ivelin Mihailov, Executive Director of Historic Park AD and the initiator of the project.

The adventure of the Historical Park began more than eight years ago, and since the time of the planning, more than 4,000 people have been involved, including some of the best Bulgarian archaeologists and consultants, writers, musicians, sculptors, master craftsmen, reenactors and historians who accurately executed the project in its overall realistic form. The materials used are stricly authentic for the eras involved - stone, wood, marble and ceramic among others.

The attraction is being built in stages, such as the nearby pilot project “Neolithic village” in 2016, and gives reasons for the tourists that already visited it and Bulgarians to look forward to the opening of the Historical Park. The entire site, in its full functionality, is planned to be completed in 2022, with the construction of the first phases – The Chalcolithic, Neolithic and Thracian periods and a rest area with lakes, which were completed in the spring of 2019 when the Park was officially opened, are already accessible to visitors.
The access to the site will be possible through payment of an entrance fee or with different levels of membership cards, such as the "Gold card" and "Family card", released in limited series for the moment, which give a huge price advantage to their owners for 10 years ahead. The cards are now on sale: https://shop.ipark.bg/Campaign/Details/1.
In addition to the construction of the large-scale attraction, the activities are expanding with over 100 comics, illustrated books and encyclopedias for children and adults already published, which aim to get them to know and love Bulgarian history in a pleasant and fun way. The books have been translated into over 7 foreign languages, which is in line with the long-term goal of promoting the rich and valuable Bulgarian culture around the world and changing the perception of Bulgarians, both among foreigners and among ourselves.

Follow the evolution of the Historical Park and learn more on:

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Pilot project of the Historical Park

Neofit Rilski village, Varna region


The complex is a tourist attraction with a cultural and historical orientation. Separate exhibitions of everyday life and culture on our lands from the most ancient times were recreated (Neolithic and Chalcolithic huts, a Thracian museum and a reconstitution of the tomb of Aleksandrovo) and a unique cuisine with delicacies of authentic ancient recipes were proposed. Here the past becomes accessible to all senses thanks to a meticulous attention to detail and enjoyable attractions such as archery, Thracian ritual wine drinking from exquisite rhytons and phiales, pictures taken in traditional outfits from various eras, tours in a Thracian chariot, pony rides and a themed playground.