Historical festival "ODRYUZA, Cradle of the Thousand Cities"

The ancient festival "Odryuza, Cradle of the Thousand cities" is one of the most anticipated cultural events in the Historical Park.

Held traditionally on the last weekend of July, the festival "ODRYUZA, Cradle of the Thousand Cities" is an important forum within which elements of ancient history and cultural heritage bequeathed to us by the Thracians are presented in the flesh.

This is not only an opportunity to enjoy the wealth of the ancient civilisation, but also to be taken to times that still amaze mankind.

Those lords of time, the well-known Thracians, have left vivid traces. The most unique being the Orphic mysteries , norm on this very lands.

Artfully processed gold, unattainable today with state-of-the-art laser technology, is the legacy they left us.

At the base of many Roman cities and fortresses lies what they created, and at the base of blooming civilisation and culture stands Thracian wisdom.

In order to present the most impressive achievements of Thracian culture, associations for ancient historical reconstruction from Bulgaria and abroad will participate in the festival: Asociația Culturala Tomis (Constanța, Romania), Via Praetoria (Svishtov, Bulgaria), Sitalk (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), Ludus Traex Gladiator School (Sofia) and others.

Referring to legends and historical sources, the participants of the festival will present rituals from the ancient past and will recreate for the audience a reenactment of the legendary slave uprising "Spartacus - the destroyer of shackles" dedicated to the Third slave uprising in Rome (73-71 BC), led by the immortal son of Thrace.

Exploring Roman equipment, battle formations and gladiatorial combat, viewers will be drawn into epic military encounters where skilled warriors and athletes battle for glory and honour.

 And that's not all.

The extremely rich and exciting program of the festival will continue the next day, when the men will try their hand at the Thracian War Games - "ARETI"

  • Running in armor (ὁπλιτοδρομος) at a double distance of 384m (diaulos), i.e. at a distance of 2 furlongs of 192.27m (στάδιοδρομος) and a race for women in honour of Hera, at a short distance of 160m;
  • Javelin throw, reaching one man's height, and weight throw (``discus'' and ``palet'');
  • Archery aiming at a golden ring, at a distance of 15m;
  • Standing wrestling (ἄνω πάλη) - a demonstration fight according to the ancient rules and tournament for the participants and guests;
  • Hand-to-hand combat (πυγμαχία) and full-force combat (παγκράτιον), demonstrative fights according to the ancient rules;
  • Armed duel (μουνομαχίης) - a demonstration fight according to the ancient rules and a tournament for guests and participants.

Warriors and Athletes from Thrace and Dacia, from Sparta and Rome, and from the Scythian steppes will win glorious victories, will crown their heads with laurel wreaths, and the walls of their bright temples with the broken armour of the enemy. And their names will be praised from the mouth of the river Nestos to Abdera and all the way to the Black Sea!

The entire performance promises to be full of energy, tension and excitement for both young and old.

Children will have the unique opportunity to ride on chariots during the performance. It is an exciting experience that can foster a love of history and culture and encourage them to explore and learn more about our past.

In addition to all this, visitors to the festival will be able to participate in professional workshops, lectures and seminars related to ancient history and culture.

The past awaits you!

Be like them!!!

Grab the spear, put on the helmet and enter a world where history is coming to life!!!

The organiser of the event is the Historical Park and the Bulgarian School of Ancient Warfare "Velichie" at the Historical Park.

The International Ancient Festival "Odryuza, Cradle of the Thousand Cities", on 29th and 30th of July in the HISTORICAL PARK, village of N. Rilski, municipality of Vetrino, Varna region.