We are opening our doors!

Very soon, we will have the opportunity to cross the threshold of the Historical Park together! We will break away from the noise of the big city, we will separate ourselves from the material, the unnecessary and heavy pressure. We will forget about the ego, bad thoughts and disunity.

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Meet our new partner 'Nevskaya Palitra"!

Behind every large-scale event is an community of people who give their time and efforts to make it happen. And to present the best possible product or service requires not only good preparation, work, common mission and purpose, but also partners.

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Competition for the composition of a musical composition: Anthem. June 18th, 19th and 20th, 2021.

The competition aims to inspire artists to create and perform music in praise of our beautiful homeland, nature and glorious history. To lift the people's spirits through music and speech, to make them appreciate and love their country, and to be proud of the achievements of all who build, create and inspire.

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How did we create the encyclopedia "The World of the Thracians"

The illustrated encyclopedia "The World of the Thracians" was the first book in the series of the Foundation "Elevation" and "Historical Park", which aims to present its content to the Bulgarian reader in an accessible, rich and diverse form.

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The nectar of the gods

Nowadays, wine is the most common drink at every table. And to the delight of his biggest enthusiasts, it is this "precious liquid" created according to the recipe of our ancestors, that you can taste in the Historical Park.

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How did we create the encyclopedia about Khan Tervel?

The book about Khan Tervel tells about the great times in the history of Bulgaria, reminding us that the true values for Bulgarians have always been justice, courage and dignity.

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