How did we create the encyclopedia "The World of the Thracians"

The tribes that inhabited the Bulgarian lands and in general the major part of the Balkan Peninsula in the period of Antiquity are known under the collective name of "Thracians". They possessed exceptional knowledge of the spiritual world, of nature, were fearless warriors but also creators and craftsmen. Even today, the unearthed Thracian treasures amaze those who see them with their beauty and perfection.

The book was created in order to gather a lot of valuable information about the ancient inhabitants of the Bulgarian lands in one place. We arranged them in a specific order so that anyone who touches the past and the world of the fearless and freedom-loving Thracians can enjoy useful information.

For the creation of the book "The World of the Thracians",various sources were studied: literary and scientific, respectively, written by the most famous Bulgarian thracologists (experts on this specific field). The information was then processed and presented in an accessible way so that it is enjoyable to readers of all ages and walks of life.

Great efforts were made to illustrate the book itself, requiring the artist to study carefully and in detail the typical weapons, cultural life, customs and surviving artifacts of the era,  found in Thracian burial mounds.

By compiling this book, its creators also learned many unknown and curious facts that enriched their own knowledge of history and antiquity.

A significant moment of the book was the compilation of maps to enrich the illustrative and textual material.

"The World of the Thracians" is a book that reminds us Bulgarians of the greatness of our glorious history, and to present as complete and rich information as possible about life during the time of the Thracians.

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Author: Miroslav Petrov

Illustrator: Veselin Chakarov