St. St. Constantine and Helena

St. Constantine and Helena is a destination combining rich historical heritage, natural resources with modern complexes and high class services. Today, it is one of the most attractive seaside and spa resorts in Europe. A place where vacation also means health care. A culinary destination that offers a unique experience of aromas and tastes. A fascinating combination of traditions, history, innovation and modern design.

Address: St. St. Constantine and Helena, Varna, Bulgaria


Studio BF

For more than 10 years, the team of Studio BF has been developing in the field of visual arts. Their goal is to offer professionalism and quality worldwide! The clients of the studio are people and businesses with high goals and desire to stand out as the best and most successful among their competitors. The team of the studio stands behind the quote:

 "Nothing written can compare in authenticity with a picture" by Roland Bard and the studio proves this with every completed order!

Address: Varna, postcode. 9010, Zh. K. Briz, „ Dots. Dr. Indrzhishka Krasteva “10

Contact: +359 896 014 120

Impressia - Artist's Supplies for Paintings

25 years ago, we created the store "Impressia" - a place where every artist, amateur and hobby artist can find the right tools to express themselves. We have chosen brands with a long history and proven quality and to this day Marabu, Faber-Castell and Fabriano are a source of inspiration for many creative people.
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Hotel Primorski

The modern hotel complex is located only 120 meters from the beach in the resort of St. St. Constantine and Helena. It offers a unique combination of attractive location, impressive architecture and interesting interior design. The Primorski Hotel, as an innovative concept, is part of the multifunctional Primorski Shopping Center complex for trade, services and entertainment .

Address: St. St. Constantine and Helena, Varna, Bulgaria

Contact: +359 52 810 300


Treasury Bulgaria

The project was initiated and developed by Treasure Ltd.
  - in close cooperation with renowned specialists in the field of history, archeology, sculpture, tourism, management and finance.
The company is the leader in the production of art objects, representative gifts of Bulgarian and Thracian themes, copies of ancient objects and treasures, restoration of historical artefacts, production of functional sculpture with historical motifs, interior and exterior design and many others, with a similar focus.
Treasure is the largest and most established company in this industry in Bulgaria, with proven expertise, high quality and precision in their finished products.

Sofia, 8 Greben Planina Str
Contact: 088 474 4118 - TSVETOMIR TSONEV

Varna, 8 Dobri Voynikov Str


Therma Eco Village Complex

The Complex "Therma Village" is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, at the foot of the Dobrudzha plateau next to the nature reserve "Baltata".

The complex includes two magnificent five-star hotels, "Terma Eco" and "Terma Palace", each with swimming pools with mineral and sea water, and a special building for accommodation "Terma Camp & Pool" for athletes and their coaches.

The hotels are equipped with restaurants offering European and traditional Bulgarian cuisine, outdoor swimming pools, spas, gym, bowling, fitness and yoga rooms, outdoor pool with water slides, bars, pizzeria, sports fields, stadiums, tennis courts, recreation areas in the park, horseback riding base, modern two-storey villas located a few meters from the sandy beach of the complex and an equipped beach.

"Black Sea Ice Arena", located in the complex "Therma Village", with modern amenities such as professional locker rooms, is the ideal place for many summer camps in ice hockey and figure skating. Every summer, the Black Sea Ice Arena hosts international summer ice hockey tournaments, where teams from all over the world gather.

Address: Massiv 25, Kranevo 9649, Bulgaria

Contact reception: +359 883 444 933

Reservation contact: +359 882 97 50 56


Vitosha Auto

Vitosha Auto represents and develops for more than 10 years the premium Japanese brand INFINITI in Bulgaria, and since 2020 is the official representative of two more car brands: Jeep and Alfa Romeo.

The company introduces 7-star service on the market as a standard in customer service and attitude, which builds the premium feeling of its showrooms.

Vitosha Auto complements the possibilities for using various services by offering flexible leasing and insurance programs, according to the individual preferences and needs of the client. It has a rich portfolio of certified used cars from various brands under the brand Vitosha Auto Collection. It strives to offer everything related to the car and its service in one place, and thus to be an indispensable partner to its customers.

Address: Sofia, bul. «Tsarigradsko Shose"166

Balin Balev, Wedding Photographer

I capture your happiness and turn it into an eternal memory!
Everyone takes pictures, I create eternal memories!

Memories resistant to time! That's why we are here with my team to help you seal them forever in their authentic light!

Аddress: Varna, Tsani Ginchev street, nb.19, 9002
Phone number: +359 899 713 350

Guest house "Trite Cheshmi"

The location of our guest house offers space, tranquility, a beautiful panorama and is suitable for rest and relaxation as well as for rural tourism. The property takes the breath away of anyone who has the opportunity to visit it. 

The house is located in an area rich in spring water. Here you can enjoy the quiet trickle of three spring fountains near the house, hence its name: TRITE CHESHMI ("THE THREE FOUNTAINS"). A whole can be said about such living springs in our native lands, the secret source of joy of our people. And if you listen to the murmur of an old fountain, you may hear how the water whispers the timeless message of the old Bulgarian tradition: to do good, to feed the hungry, to water the thirsty…

It's time for your favorite book, a game of chess or cards, and a chat under the walnut…

Relax in a place as real as nature, untouched by the troubles of everyday life, only surrounded by the tranquility of time. Walks in the woods and wild meadows, outdoor games amid the birdsongs and that sweet buzz, immersing you in bliss….

Address: Avren village, Varna region, "Trite Cheshmi" street, №9

Contact phone+359 893 606 768+359 885 801 603



Villa Chinka

Villa Chinka by Astor Garden Hotel is among the most modern exclusive places on the North Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, only 8 km. from Varna.

Situated on a secluded bay with captivating sunrise views, The Villa Chinka offers eleven 5-star apartments, furnished in a modern, elegant and minimalist style.

Address: St. St. Constantine and Helena, Varna, Bulgaria

Contact: +359 52817760


AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach

The Aquahouse Thermal & Beach complex is located right on the beach and offers many opportunities for Balneo, SPA and Wellness tourism. It has 14 outdoor and indoor pools and water facilities of various depth and temperature, supplied with mineral water.

Address: St. St. Constantine and Helena, Varna, Bulgaria

Contact: +359 52 812 812


Hotel Balneo & SPA Azalia

Hotel Balneo & SPA Azalia is a modern hotel complex located right on the beach. It offers a unique combination of non-traditional architecture, remarkable sea view, golden beach and natural mineral springs. Here you can enjoy comfort, tranquility and excellent conditions for an unforgettable vacation.

Address: St. St. Constantine and Helena, Varna, Bulgaria

Contact: +359 52 358 808


Tour operator "Event Vacation" EOOD

Tour operator Event Vacation EOOD offers its clients accommodation in hotels, guest houses, villas in the country and abroad. Individual and group excursions to explore the beauty of Bulgaria: sea, mountain and spa tourism. Transport services in the country and abroad. Airline tickets and insurance;

Event Vacation Ltd. can also help you with organising your team building, conference, company party or family celebration.



Tel: +359 895 72 80 80

Astor Garden

A five-star hotel located in the resort of St. St. Constantine and Helena, 8 km. from the city of Varna, settled in the freshness of natural greenery and only a few steps from the beach. Astor Garden Hotel will impress you with its classic architecture, sophisticated interior design and incomparable view of the sea.

Address: St. St. Constantine and Helena, Varna, Bulgaria