Stages of development


The equestrian centre “Majesty” 

The equestrian centre will be built on a section of land with a total area of five hectares, in the immediate vicinity of the Historical Park.

Some of the services that the equestrian will propose are:
・ Thematic performances — Shows with horses and chariots at the main (oval) riding track at the Equestrian centre. The representations will be performed according to a pre-determined scenario and at a specified time of the day with a total duration of up to 45 minutes. There will be a series of consecutive races with chariots, skill demonstrations with horse and carts, equestrian vaulting, trick riding and other performances. The number of visitors per performance could reach up to 1,000 seats, the total amount of seats in the stands.
・ Horse riding lessons for beginners - classes aimed at grasping the basics, like the right position of the body on the back of the horse and simple riding techniques. It will be supervised by an instructor or a stable supervisor.
・ Horse riding lessons for advanced enthusiasts - classes focusing on the specificities of horse riding and bringing the right tools for riding the horse alone but still under the supervision and methodical guidance of an instructor.
・ Preparing competitors – for their individual programs, depending on the discipline practiced.
・ Preparation of work-related events, for free reconstructors and clubs oriented towards historical reconstruction of military arts of the Antiquity and the Medieval period, like military riding, equestrian vaulting, trick riding, horse archery, saber tricks from horseback, chariot riding, etc.
・ Tours in a Thracian chariot — a possibility for visitors to experience the emotion of an authentic experience with a Thracian horse-drawn cart, with either 2 or 4 horses. The attraction will be performed on the oval track..
・ Equine tourism -horse tours in a group with a guide outside of the centre on short (up to 2 hours), medium (up to 4 hours) and long circuits (over 6 hours of eco-tour or extreme tourism). With a schedule planned before hand, overnight stays will also be available at a prearranged spot.
・ Hypotherapy (therapeutic horse riding) - the duration and nature of the activities will be determined after consultation with a physiotherapist, a psychologist and the rider's parents when underage and at the discretion of the instructor regarding the activities.
・ Horse pension — stays in individual boxes, including day-to-day care from a stable lad, fed with norm-compliant fodder and daily cleaning of the straw.
・ Gatherings for yearly celebrations, linked with the national traditions, Bulgarian mythology and folklore (epics and tales) and significant dates and events of Bulgarian history - regularly held in line with traditions and good practices.
・ Collective public events related to the promotion of Bulgarian military history and the active participation of the Historical Park in the following ventures:
・ Regular theoretical-practical workshops;
・ Field training camps;
・ Outdoor lessons and demonstrations;
・ Systematic practical teaching (training sessions);
・ War (military applied disciplines) games (equestrian competitions, sword cutting from horseback, equestrian vaulting, trick riding, wrestling on horseback, competition in collective horse games).

The country inn

In the immediate vicinity of the equestrian centre “Majesty”, a country inn in the authentic Boyar style of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom will be built. There, visitors will be able to stay overnight or enjoy Bulgarian cuisine.