Building stages


In this zone, you will be able to discover the last and most impressive area, “Rome”.

It will be divided into 4 smaller sections, the meeting forum (open air square), the theatre building, the open theatre and the Roman villa.

The forum (public square): It is a square-shaped assembly area with an open inner space surrounded by columns on all sides. The construction will be structured around reinforced concrete with a brick and metal filling. The front facade of the square will be composed by 30cm-thick masonry wall. Its height will reach 7 metres, with 5 centimetre-thick floor tiles of white and black marble.

The edifice of the theatre:

It is a two-storey building with the first floor only used for aesthetic purposes. The facades are richly decorated with pilasters, columns and pseudo-niches. The cornices are highly profiled. The functional building is divided into three parts - a shop, a dressing room and a premise to the stage.

The open theatre: It is a complex with a shape reminiscent of an amphitheatre and equipped with an outdoor seating area. Stairs are provided in four locations for easier access. In the middle of the theatre is the "Emperor's Lodge", which is composed of four columns, supporting a two-storey roof structure. Behind the lodge, there is an entrance / exit that takes the visitor to the back of the theatre. The construction of this sub-section uses reinforced concrete, the floor tiling is made of 5 centimetre-thick stone and the walls are also protected by stone of the same thickness.

The Roman Villa: This building is independent from the Roman theatre, but it is still part of the entire area. It is a one-storey building meant for exhibitions about the way of life and the culture of this era. The building will be divided into three halls: the entrance, a feast room and an impluvium room (basin). The characteristic of this place is that the roof in the middle is absent so that the impluvium is completely open. The floors of the building will be composed of mosaics.