Building stages


The implementation at this stage involved the construction of the following zones and sites: 
- Parking spaces
- The entrance fortress in the style of “Baba Vida”
- The Prehistoric village (Neolithic and Chalcolithic dwellings)
- The Thracian era
- The era of the Proto-Bulgarians
- The era of the Slavs
- The café
- The children’s playground
- The interactive games area
- The lake.

Upon their arrival, tourists will access the park through the main entrance, where everyone will be offered the opportunity to participate in raffles with various prizes (souvenirs, advertising materials and / or free attractions).

Following their entrance, they will take a walking historical tour in ancient times, either chronologically or attraction by attraction. They will be able to explore in detail the areas from this stage, to walk and relax by the lake, to engage in various interactive activities and fun games and to replenish themselves with food and drinks in one of the two cafés.

In the first area, food and beverages will be offered on the territory of the complex, mainly in the café in the leisure area and at the specialised food pavilion in the Thracian area. Cold and hot sandwiches, ice cream, nuts, chocolate and sweet pastries, beer, soft drinks and tonic drinks will be available.

On their first visit, all visitors will be offered a Golden membership card, which will provide promotional advantages for future stays. The card will be individual and will only allow the cardholder to use the promotional packages. The purpose of this campaign is to stimulate the return of these guests to the Project in the next stages of its construction, when the prices for the visit will be updated and higher. The cardholder will retain the right to use the initial entrance price conditions from the time of his initial visit.