The nectar of the gods

Our ancient ancestors - the Thracians, in addition to understanding war and trade, were also true masters in the creation of wine, the so-called drink of the gods.

It was worthy of the table of their divine prince, Dionysus Zagreus.

The Thracians believed that wine was a symbol of the rebirth and immortality of the human soul.

It began to be produced in our lands more than 5,000 years ago, laying the foundations of winemaking and viticulture, mastering them to perfection. 

Nowadays, wine is the most common drink on every table. And to the delight of his biggest enthusiasts, it is this "precious liquid", created according to the recipe of our ancestors, that you can taste in the Historical Park. 

No stabilizers or sweeteners have been used to create the drink. The vineyards from which the aromatic dense grapes of the Merlot variety are harvested are located in the heart of Sakar Mountain in the southern slopes of the Thracian lowlands. It is monitored throughout the year in order to be able to choose the highest quality part of the harvest and get the best wine. It is picked by hand and separated bunch by bunch.

The merlot has a dense garnet color, which is distinguished by a noble nose with hints of black olives, roasted fruits, spices, vanilla and iodine. It has an excellently structured body with a long finish of prune jam, mint, cherries and black pepper.

The producer of the wine is the boutique winery "Linar", who approach their work with love and care to achieve perfect results and a memorable taste that brings pleasure.

The massif from which the grapes are taken is about 50 years old, which distinguishes it as one of the oldest in Bulgaria.

To get the most out of the taste of the wine, it is recommended to consume it at a temperature of 14 degrees, before leaving it to aerate (breathe) for at least half an hour. A suitable combination with the drink are dairy products with a high percentage of fat, as well as dishes containing beef, pork and lamb.

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The wine of the gods