Sugestii pentru tine

"Birthday" Celebration

Everyone's birthday is a historic event!
And the Historical Park gives it its full meaning!

Open park spaces and full-size historical buildings create a fabulous atmosphere in which you and your friends will be the main characters!
Two open-air restaurants with a capacity of 150 seats each are at your disposal.
The menu is composed of authentic, old recipes, typical of the various eras and the regions of Bulgaria.
Try the food of the Thracians or the warriors of the Middle Ages.

No matter what you choose, rest assured that all dishes and drinks are prepared with 100 % Bulgarian, hand-prepared products. We have crafted different types of children's menus specially for the little ones.
And that's not all!
You and your friends have the opportunity to make your celebration even more special by participating in the mystical Thracian rituals, various demonstrations, attractions, games and challenges.    

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