Guest house "Trite Cheshmi"

The location of our guest house offers space, tranquility, a beautiful panorama and is suitable for rest and relaxation as well as for rural tourism. The property takes the breath away of anyone who has the opportunity to visit it. 

The house is located in an area rich in spring water. Here you can enjoy the quiet trickle of three spring fountains near the house, hence its name: TRITE CHESHMI ("THE THREE FOUNTAINS"). A whole can be said about such living springs in our native lands, the secret source of joy of our people. And if you listen to the murmur of an old fountain, you may hear how the water whispers the timeless message of the old Bulgarian tradition: to do good, to feed the hungry, to water the thirsty…

It's time for your favorite book, a game of chess or cards, and a chat under the walnut…

Relax in a place as real as nature, untouched by the troubles of everyday life, only surrounded by the tranquility of time. Walks in the woods and wild meadows, outdoor games amid the birdsongs and that sweet buzz, immersing you in bliss….

Address: Avren village, Varna region, "Trite Cheshmi" street, №9

Contact phone+359 893 606 768+359 885 801 603