"The Choice of the Bulgarians" 2020

"In this troubled year, it is important to show good examples in the sector and to assess the achievements in the industry, which despite all the difficulties continues to work," said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova.

Nearly 50 candidates applied for participation in the 11 categories of the competition, with the greatest interest in the award "The Choice of the Bulgarians".

Among all participants and voters, the Bulgarians have chosen "Historical Park" as a site that deserved the award and brought us first place.

We are sincerely happy and grateful that for the second year in a row "Historical Park" is your choice! This means that our words and actions go in one direction, and our common work is appreciated!

In order to prove in 2021 that we have deserved the "Choice of the Bulgarians", our work on the construction and renovation of the "Historical Park" will continue to thrive and the Bulgarian spirit shall not be broken!

We open our doors to visitors again in March. We have prepared many interesting events for you, which you can follow on our Facebook page and website.

Until then, read historical literature to preserve the Bulgarian spirit!