The biggest historical park in the world is in Bulgaria

Spartacus, Troy and the Thracians - Excursion to Historical Park near Varna 

Bulgaria - beach vacation or cultural trip? Both!

Since my first trip to Bulgaria in 2005, I have returned four times. Most people know Bulgaria as an attractive beach vacation destination. So my first two vacations were vacation packages on Golden and Sunny Beach. However, I quickly realized that the real beauty of the country is far away from the mass tourism beaches.

On my last trip to Bulgaria, I was on a six-day road trip, where we mainly devoted ourselves to the history and culture of Bulgaria. I have never learned so much about a country's past!

About Spartacus, Troy, and the Thracians - the roots of the Balkans. About the former Bulgarian capital Pliska, which was once more important than Constantinople. About the huge Thracian burial mounds in the Valley of Roses and the picturesque Rila Monastery in the mountains as well as the beautiful and historic cities of Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia and Vidin. You can find all the highlights in my article 15 Highlights in Bulgaria.

Experience Bulgaria's culture on a day trip in Historical Park

Especially after my road trip last year, I definitely rate Historical Park as a must see for all those who are planning a beach vacation or a city trip to Bulgaria. Because here you can experience the impressive history of the country in just one day. This place is highly recommended especially for those interested in culture and history!

Presented too long and broad, history and culture often seem boring. But not here. On the 13 hectare space you will find the decisive eras of Bulgaria's history in six different settlement replicas. Surroundings, buildings, villages, workshops and hunting methods have been planned and built with great attention to detail. And on a scale that makes Historical Park the largest of its kind in the world. Nowhere else you can embark on a 10,000 year journey in time.

What eras await you in Historical Park near Varna?

• Neolithic and Copper Age (6,000 to 3,000 BC)
• Thracian period (2,200 to 29 BC)
• Roman era (29 before to 5th century AD)
• Slavic and Proto-Bulgarian era (5th to 7th centuries)
• First Bulgarian Tsardom (7th to 11th centuries)
• Second Bulgarian Tsardom (1185 to 1396)

Smell, taste, try it out

And not only that: Here you go on a journey through time with all your senses. Seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting at the different stations support the active understanding and experience of the impressive past of this country, where the roots of the Balkans lie.

Learn to shoot with a bow and arrow and then imagine how that was possible at high speed on a horse. Try dishes that are traditionally prepared like in antiquity 2000 years ago or admire old handicraft methods from which everyday objects were made at that time. Historical Park promises pure edutainment!

Historical Park near Varna - what you need to know

Important: Historical Park will be completed in three phases by 2022 and opened its gates for a journey through time in the first phase, the Neolithic era (copper age 6000 to 3000 BC) in July 2019. Only this single era is worth a visit.

Opening hours: daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Prices: Day ticket approx. € 15 - various prices on the website
Website: www.ipark.bg/de-DE
Address: 2, 9223 Neofit Rilski, Bulgaria

There is currently an exhibition of Bulgarian and Russian painters in Historical Park near Varna, which is also taking place online due to the travel restrictions caused by the Corona crisis. It is an international competition where you can also reward the most beautiful picture with your voice. Check out the exhibition with all the pictures here.

Vacation tip for Bulgaria - popular travel options

City trips to Varna, Sofia or Plovdiv

Black Sea coast - beach vacation on Golden Beach or Sunny Beach with day tours

Culture and inner land – e.g. with a rental car as I did.

You can find even more information about Historical Park near Varna on the travel blog NorthStarChronicles by Miriam and Johannes in this article and on this blog. If you want to go on a cultural trip through Bulgaria, take a look at this post, in which I have compiled the 15 most beautiful highlights and experiences of Bulgaria.

Author: Matthias Derhake