The tower of Evtim

Now we will tell you the story of the "Euthymius Tower" - the tallest building in the "Historical Park". Its height is 23 metres and was a defensive structure during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Its main purpose was to defend and inspire the defenders of the state. In the Rila Monastery, there is also the "Hrelio Tower", as it is named after its patron, Hrelio. In the past, there were proud Bulgarians who donated important buildings, and people called them by their name. Thus the name of the donor has remained for centuries. At one time, such people were an exception, but it is good that they still exist. Such is the case with the "Euthymius Tower" in the "Historical Park".

Here is its story...

The year is 2019, in the month of June. A media campaign has just been launched by the Economedia media group, led by its publications, Dnevnik and Capital. The media attack on the park involves 69 television, newspapers and online publications. It is a good idea was on the verge of being annihilated. The attack also involved many people from the party, which is funded by the owner of Economedia, and filled the Internet with vicious slander against all those involved in the creation of the Historical Park. They also approached the state institutions, which cannot but get involved in filing defamatory signals. It was normal at such a time for all subcontractors to get scared and ask for an advance payment for the work done.

The whole project requires a lot of work to be able to synchronise thousands of people to get the expected result. People were worried, most of the subcontractors did not want to continue without additional guarantees, but at this point 100 out of 100 people would bet that the project will not happen.

The person in charge of building the park was sitting on a curb and saw everything falling apart before his eyes. From now on, there was no useful move, and he could not ask for help from anyone, because bankruptcy is more likely than success. Asking for help in such a situation is like getting someone to join Shipka's volunteers at the most difficult moment. In such a hopeless situation, an unexpected saviour appeared.

He was not an investor of the Park, nor was he a friend of his manager. He had simply watched the last year as thousands of people fought for something good and gave their heart and soul to make their dream come true. He saw sincerity, brotherhood, devotion and courage. He is a man who over the years has learned to distinguish story tellers from doers. He saw that in his life, he had never been to a place where people had dedicated their lives to something so great and that their motives were not money but something much greater.

In this critical situation, he decided to help, regardless of the fact that the chances were not on the side of the Park. He sat down next to the project manager and told him, “Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Just look forward and full steam ahead. Believe and it will happen! ”. He goes to the hesitant subcontractors and says he will pay if they are not paid. He let them calmly continue working and do not worry about payment. It was enough for everyone to be encouraged and the result is there. Thanks to the unconditional support of this man today and in the future, all valiant people will be able to inherit this symbol of valour and unity. The benefactor does not want anything for his support.

Time passes and his father falls ill. Despite the inhuman efforts of his devoted son, the disease took his life. At that moment, we, at the "Historical Park" decided that the highest tower will bear the name of his father. Only a great man can raise such a son and his name will be remembered forever. Bulgaria has given birth, gives birth and will give birth to such fathers and sons, and may the Tower of Evtim always remind us of this!