Annual Black Sea Business and Tourism Awards 2020

The event took place on the stage of ARENA Amphitheater in the resort of Sveti Vlas. The most successful projects in business and tourism from the northernmost to the southernmost point of our Black Sea coast were included.

It is believed that such competitions stimulate and promote successful practices and provide incentives for business development. It encourage successful leadership, environmental protection and charitable activities.

Among the winners, the Historical Park was awarded as a tourist attraction of cultural tourism in 2020.

"With this forum we have shown that even during the global COVID crisis our resorts are developing according to world standards, and investments rank us first in the world in various areas related to the sea region. We have resorts with developed family tourism, hotels with excellent ratings in Booking, and tourism management improves its quality every year and foreign tourists give us higher marks.World experience shows that such competitions stimulate and promote successful practices and motivate business development.And tonight's finalists get the right for participation in the largest event in the Balkans - BALKAN AWARDS FOR THE TOURISM INDUSTRY ", announced the organizers - Patricia Kirilova and Doncho Georgiev.

The special guests of the event presented the golden statuettes to the winners. Lilyana Arsova from the Tourism Policy Directorate at the Ministry of Tourism opened the forum with high marks for our sea tourism. It was her who presented the statuette to the Historical Park.

This year's competition has proven that the best entrepreneurs, the most innovative companies that use innovative thinking to achieve significant results, despite the difficult period for tourism, can adapt and overcome.

We remind you that we open our doors to visitors again in March, and until then, read historical literature to preserve the Bulgarian spirit!