International Falconry tournament "SKY FIGHTERS"

Festival zone

On March 11 and 12 this year, we shall be spectators of a real aerial triumph.

Ancient traditions will meet modern technology, and gravity will be challenged before the eyes of the audience.

Performing high-difficulty manoeuvres, falcons and falconers will make their debut at the Festival Zone near Historical Park.

From all over Bulgaria, the Balkans and the Middle East, birds and trainers will demonstrate for the first time in front of the Bulgarian audience aerial superiority and peerless athletic prowess.

For many, falconry is a sport reserved to the wealthy elite. A status symbol and sign of nobility, for many of the falcons cost more than a Ferrari, and some even ride first class on elite airlines.

Today, in the training and rearing of falcons, the ancient centuries-old traditions are respected, but pursuing new goals, such as winning competitions and tournaments focused on high sports achievements.

On March 11 and 12 this year, the festival area of the Historical Park will rival Egypt, Dubai and the palaces of the Baghdad Caliphs.

The aristocrats of the air world will take their place on the starting line and fly through the sky at a speed up to 386 km/h. The winged race cars of the skies, the fastest challengers of the animal world, will not only measure agility, speed and sportsmanship, but will also demonstrate the heritage of our forefathers, in the flesh.

The winners, nominated by a professional jury, will be awarded with cash and material prizes, provided by the host and organiser of the event, the Historical Park.

Held under the auspices of the Bulgarian Falconry Union and the Bulgarian School of Ancient Warfare - VELICHIE, the competition will take place in several stages and different disciplines.

On the first competition day /11.03.2023/, the guests of the complex will also enjoy the newest and most exciting attraction of the Historical Park "Jeep safari & Falconry show" - an innovative tourist project, responding to the increased demand in the field of adventure tourism and combining within itself the richness of an ancient cultural treasure, with the modern world of stage shows, high speeds and adventurous spirit!

Preserving the ancient tradition of training birds of prey and keeping alive the spirit of the old Bulgarian falconers, the HISTORICAL PARK tourist complex will become a real temple of the "Sky Fighters".

The competition regulation and general conditions will be published here

The partner of the event is the Bulgarian Falconry Union (BSS).

Official sponsor of the event: Ayama-Segutel

Partners of the event are: Bulgarian Falconry Union and Asociația Accipiter Romania

Video of the event - here