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General conditions

From March 11 and 12 this year HISTORICAL PARK will host the First International Falconry Tournament "SKY FIGHTERS", organised by the "Bulgarian School of Ancient Warfare - VELICHIE" and held under the auspices of the Bulgarian Falconry Union.

Participation in the competition

Any person /association/ practicing the art of training birds of prey - falconry/ who has applied for participation in the Festival and received confirmation from the organisers of the same can take part in the competition.

A request for participation, as well as inquiries on various organisational issues, can be made by e-mail ralitsa.petrova@ipark.bg and by phone at +359884618648. The organisers of the Festival have the right to refuse participation in the same, without further explanation of the reasons for this .

If you have queries to questions that we cannot answer, you will be contacted by the event coordinator.

Funding of the competition

The expenses related to the preparation, the holding of the festival and the prize funds are provided by "Historical Park" JSC. The participants of the competition receive their prizes only if they have passed pre-registration upon arrival at the Historical Park,'' and are registered to participate in the competition disciplines at the time established for that time.

The costs of transportation and accommodation of the participants, as well as the participation fees listed below, are borne by the participants themselves:

• "Aviary pheasant" discipline - 40 levas;

• "Pigeon" discipline - 20 levas;

• Discipline "drag lure" - 20 levas

• "Dog breed aesthetic competition" discipline - 20 levas;

• "Falcon breed aesthetic competition" discipline - 20 levas.

Accommodation of participants and spectators

Participants and spectators of the competition can be accommodated for the night in the yurt settlement "Naedno", located in the village of N. Rilski, in close proximity to the venue of the competition and the "Historical Park" itself. Accommodations are offered under the following conditions:

• Overnight in a yurt village - 40 levas per bed;


• Accommodation and food package for two days - 160 levas per person

Participants can organise their overnight stay independently, in a place of their choice.

Check-in at the base for the night starts at 12:00, the day before the opening of the competition and ends at 8:00. the morning of its opening day.

All participants must register on the spot, from 09:00. until 10:00 on the opening day of the competition. For this purpose, all participants must have personal documents.

Photo and video operators, reporters, journalists, etc. those who wish to photograph during the event, go through registration and accreditation with the organisers of the said tournament.

Program of the Competition

The "Sky Fighters" falconry competition officially opens at 10:00 a.m. on 11.03.2023

The first competition day will include a demonstration of the training of birds of prey and falconry dogs in the field. Visitors to the Historical Park wishing to observe the event will be able to take advantage of our latest and exciting attraction "Jeep safari & Falconry show" - an innovative tourist project responding to the increased demand in the field of adventure tourism, which combines the wealth of an ancient cultural form with the modern world of stage shows, high speeds and the spirit of adventure. You can find out the price of the offered attraction by calling the Historical Park +369884618648 or at the box office of the same when visiting the place.

The second competition day /12.03.2004/ will be held in the Festival Zone of the Historical Park. It will feature outdoor bird of prey and falconry dog competitions, aerial acrobatics demonstrations and more exciting competitive events.

Awarding of the participants will take place from 17.00. at the end of the second competition day /12.03.2023/ The winners of the "Sky Fighters" competition will be awarded with cash and material prizes, provided by the organiser and host of the event, "Historical Park" JSC.

The Event Sponsor is Ayama Segutel

AYAMA-Segutel offers the best products combined with the most advanced technology in radar systems for animals, humans and others.

Partners of the event are Bulgarian Falconry Union and Asociația Accipiter Romania.

The Bulgarian Falconry Union aims to revive the thousand-year-old tradition of falconry and unite people interested and willing to become part of the guild of falconers in Bulgaria.

Asociația Accipiter Romania Romanian association for falconry and protection of birds of prey