2nd International Festival of Traditional Cuisine

The festival zone of ​​the Historical Park

Dear friends,

We are pleased to invite you to a wonderful international event, namely the festival of traditional cuisine, which will be held on August 20-21 for the second consecutive year in our country!

We at the "Historical Park" support the guardians of culinary traditions and those who produce natural and clean food! We try to educate people in the right attitude towards it, to choose traditional and local produce and to reduce the consumption of artificial and chemically processed food produced by the vicious practices of large corporations.

On August 20-21, we will give the opportunity to perform both to traditional Bulgarian chefs and to cooks from different countries who will present their traditional cuisine.

You will taste dishes based on old Bulgarian recipes, tcheverme, Gornoryahov pot, venison leg, Armenian and Turkish cuisine, as well as the cuisine of Volga Bulgaria. You will be able to buy fresh produce and taste dishes prepared according to unique ancient recipes, there will be open cooking demonstrations and everyone will be able to participate in creative master classes suitable for both our big and small visitors.

For refreshment, there will be natural lemonades and juices, and for connoisseurs - craft beer and wine.

Lovers of martial arts will be able to shoot with a bow and watch demonstrations with birds of prey and ancient fighting skills by reenactors from the Velichie school, and musical performers will take care of the good mood of the guests.

For questions, please contact us on: 0899516677

For farmers, artisans and restaurants offering traditional dishes - you can familiarise yourself with the general conditions and fill in the participation form.