Rare are those who did not see movies in which courageous heroes fight against evil forces dressed in heavy armor and armed with glistening swords. Many of you may have also attended historical re-enactments in which passionate reconstructors presented right in front of your eyes the brilliance of medieval weapons and techniques to handle them. Not doubt that many of you have been keen to discover more, at least for a moment, about the film heroes or reconstructors, to experience their adventures and to feel the spirit and courage with which the ancient warriors have won their own battles.

At the Historical Park, we offer a unique opportunity for spectators to become valiant warriors and participants in great events. Challenge your opponent, raise your sword and fight for honor, glory and valiant deeds.

Our experienced reenactors of medieval martial arts and weaponry will help you become the warriors you dream of. Daily demonstrations of fighting techniques and weapons are accompanied by an explanatory talk.

Tourists wishing to handle the weapons and try out various demonstrated techniques can do so under the supervision of an experienced instructor, subject to all safety rules (fencing is taught with safe training weapons and additional requisites, which are included in the price)

Become warriors, break the routine of everyday life. Test your might, agility, and valour in sword fighting while having fun.

The attraction is suitable for visitors over 12 years and costs 20 leva per participant.

IMPORTANT: All outdoor attractions may be affected by the weather or other conditions on site. We recommend that you confirm by phone the presence of the attraction on the day of the visit and ask for your understanding if the conditions change during the visit and that you might not have the opportunity to enjoy it.