Sculpture of Tsar Theodor-Peter

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Bulgarian rulers
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Tsar Peter, baptised Theodor, is the eldest of the three Asen brothers, who lead the uprising in Tarnovo in 1185 and liberated Bulgaria from Byzantine rule. Tsar Peter proved to be more restrained and balanced than his brother and gradually gave him the power in military matters, according to official correspondence and decrees. However, when Ivan Asen I fell victim to a conspiracy at the hands of Ivaylo, Tsar Peter showed strong will and firmness, raised an army against the conspirators and forced Ivaylo to flee to Constantinople. Tsar Peter conquered Tarnovo in the beginning of 1197. His third brother Kaloyan became his first assistant in state affairs, and they dealt with their opponents among the boyars, but only a few months later Tsar Peter fell victim to these same boyars.

The Asen brothers really differed from the people at that time, defending with strength, faith and determination the pursuit of freedom and prosperity.

If you are also distinguished by the qualities of one of the Asen brothers, then this sculpture is meant for you and your heart of a real fighter.


Signature brass sculpture weighing about 3 kg

Wooden pedestal with a brass plate with the inscription Height ~ 30

Luxury wooden box, rosewood color with dimensions: 32 x 16 x 14 cm

Certificate in the form of a scroll