Sculpture of King Telephus

599.00 levs
Bulgarian rulers

King Telephus lived in our lands during the famous battle of Troy. The son of Auge and Hercules, Telephus was hidden by his mother in the forest for fear of being found and killed by his father. There is the image of a doe on Telephus' shield, as according to the legend, he was found and raised by a doe. Later, discovered by shepherds, young Telephus found himself in the home of the then childless Moesian king, who made him his heir.

The strength and courage of this Thracian warrior is also mentioned in the legend of his meeting with Achilles and Thersander, who reached our lands by water,headed for the Trojan War. Here they enter into battle with King Telephus, who is a relative of the Trojan king Priam. In battle, Telephus kills Thersander, but is wounded by the famous Achilles. However, Telephus managed to repel the armies of both warriors, but the wound inflicted by Achilles never healed.

To find a cure for the incurable wound, Telephus goes to an oracle, who tells him, He who has hurt you, only he can heal you." Create a legend of good partnership by presenting this king to your friend, client or relative. Be original in choosing and giving a personalised gift.


Signature brass sculpture weighing about 3 kg

Wooden pedestal with brass plate with inscription

Height ~ 30 cm

Luxury wooden box, rosewood colour with dimensions: 32 x 16 x 14 cm

Certificate in the form of a scroll