The world of the Thracians

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Fearless warriors!

Brave travelers and sailors! Mysts who were familiar with the secrets of nature! Builders of impressive cult complexes!

Priests gifted with the wisdom of creation! These were the Thracians - ancient people, wrapped with many legends.

Step into the lively world of our ancestors! Fulfill your hearts with the majesty and pride of the most courageous and worthy masters of Antiquity.

The idea of writing this book, appeared more than a year ago. At that time, with my wife, we had written the first story of the Thracian Tales series. While studying different historical sources and collecting information about the myths, customs and cultural heritage of the Thracians, I realized how little we actually know about our ancient ancestors.

Text: Miroslav Petrov
Pictures: Vesselin Chakarov
Prepress: Galina Milanova
Editor/proof reader in Bulgarian: Keti Ilieva
Translator in English: Denitsa Yordanova
Editor/proof reader in English: Denitsa Yordanova