Spartacus - Immortality and Greatness

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Spartacus from the Thracian tribe Maedi is the greatest hero of Antiquity. His per­sonality and destiny, which is presented today in different forms - movies, books, com­ics, continues to excite people all over the world. Mythologized, beloved and a model of imitation, Spartacus is also shrouded in legend. There is too little written information for him in ancient sources.

This book is not intended to present, in simple chronological order, well-known his­torical events and dates. Its purpose is to become direct participants in the Rebellion of Spartacus by adding various interesting facts. Only in this way you will be able to build up a living, full-blooded image of the greatest fighter for freedom that the human his­tory knows and to become involved with his goals, and try to understand the motives behind his actions.

The slaves led by Spartacus show to the world that there is nothing more valuable than freedom and personal choice. They fight valiantly and selflessly to the very end. In their actions, they are driven by the desire to bring freedom to all enslaved, to break the fetters of the old world, and to build a worthy future. Let us follow the example of this brave Thracian man. We must boldly defend our desires and not to be afraid to fight, even when the whole world is up against us.

Love your homeland and never forget the words of Spartacus: