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Visit to an authentic food farm next to the Historical Park

Just a kilometer from the Historical Park, there are gardens where you can see ancient and natural practices for growing vegetables. These methods make it possible to produce natural foods without pesticides and chemical fertilisers. We will reveal you the secret of how generations in the past have had access to real food, which has directly benefitted their health and quality of life.

During the tour, we will show you the working methods for producing real food, such as: beehives that live in greenhouses to pollinate plants, making natural fertilisers, watering with water heated by the sun, and many others.

After the tour, we will invite you to a tasting of natural drinks and food. This way you will feel the difference compared to those offered in grocery stores and supermarkets. The food served will be according to the season and production at the time of the visit. The tasting includes: lyutenitsa with honey, vegetables picked on the day of the visit and elderberry juice with honey, lemon and mint.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, lettuce, spinach, radishes, chives, garlic, parsley, dill, arugula, basil and various spices are grown in those gardens.

Regular price: 8 levas / person

Time required for tour and tasting: about 30-40 minutes.

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Tsanko Kolev