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Excursion in electric motorcycles "Electric Extreme" near the Historical Park

The Historical Park organizes rides and tours in electric cross-country motorcycles. Electric motorcycles look like bicycles and are easy to ride, as well as capable of reaching high speeds once you activate the "sports mode". Tours include destinations such as the breathtaking rock "Malko Kale", "the rock monasteries of St. Georgi", "Kara Peshtera" and the Roman fortress of Ovech. It is the only place in Bulgaria in 2021 where you can rent the electric Sur-Ron, which is the world leader in this new market of electric motocross bikes. Their features include:

  • Number of motorcycles: 9
  • Torque 250 Nm on the rear tire.
  • Acceleration of 3.9 seconds. 0-50 km / h
  • Maximum speed of 80 km / h
  • Mileage from 100 km to 25 km / h
  • Weight - 50 kg.

Excursions and circuits:

  • Long route (2 hours) - following the route: Historical Park - Staroselets - Rock monastery of Karapeshtera - Manastir and back - 90 levas per person
  • Medium route (1h) - following the route: Historical Park - Staroselets and back - 60 levas per person
  • Short route (30 minutes) through fields and forests near the Historical Park - 30 levas per person.

Guaranteed fun and positive emotions, respecting the safety of tourists with the price of the excursions including a helmet, goggles and a cap. To make what is written here a real experience for you, call now and inquire about the organised tours of the Historic Park and Electric Extreme.