VALTEX is a Bulgarian company that deals with the production, wholesale and retail of sporty-elegant shirts, tunics, dresses and pants made of 100% natural cotton fabrics. The company offers its customers a variety of men's and women's models with elegant cuts and looks. Combined with the lightness of our folkl embroidery, the power of the Orenda symbols and the divine geometry of our old Bulgarian Glagolitic, the clothes provide unique comfort and feeling. With its experience on the Bulgarian market it is already an established manufacturer of this type of products. The clothes are suitable for spring-summer days due to the nature of their fabric. The feeling when worn is coolness and lightness that only the delicate selvage tissues can provide. When you choose our products, you ensure an emotional and cool summer. We are happy that besides being an ART worthy company, the clothes of the fashion designer Valentin Kalaydzhiev are also a portal to the light, energy and power of the tradition of the root to which every Bulgarian belongs.