Impressia - Artist's Supplies for Paintings

25 years ago, we created the store "Impressia" - a place where every artist, amateur and hobby artist can find the right tools to express themselves. We have chosen brands with a long history and proven quality and to this day Marabu, Faber-Castell and Fabriano are a source of inspiration for many creative people. Our many years of experience and the wide variety of high quality art materials make "Impressia" a magical place for every style and taste. By visiting our website or store, you will receive useful information, inspiration and ideas, because we believe that art is above all sharing.

Here you will find a rich palette of materials for children, students, amateur and professional artists. "Impressia" offers exclusively the Art & Graphic series by Faber-Castell and is an exclusive representative of the German brand Marabu for Bulgaria



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