Program of the Festival

The "ODRYUZA - Cradle of a Thousand Cities" festival officially opens at 11:00 a.m. on the first festival day /29.07.2023/.

SATURDAY /29.07.2023/.

The festival will be held on the territory of the HISTORICAL PARK, in the area of Ancient Thrace, and the festival program includes:

1. Historical reenactment "Spartacus - the destroyer of shackles" /29.07.2023/

• Ritual of welcoming the guests (ancient reenactors and master craftsmen) / 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m./;

• Presentation of the participants to the audience of the Historical Park /11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m./

• Start of re-enactment "Spartacus - the destroyer of shackles" by the warriors of Odryuza ("Velichie" School at the Historical Park) and guests from the associations Via Praetoria (Svishtov, Bulgaria), Asociația Culturala Tomis (Constanța, Romania) are participating. Ancient Thrace (Kabile, Bulgaria), Sitalk (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), Ludus Traex Gladiator School (Sofia) and others. /12:30 – 14:30/

• Walk for the guests around Odryuza (Antiquity zone of the IP) and a guided tour for the visitors of the Park /15:00 – 18:00/

SUNDAY /30.07.2023/

1. Thracian military games "ARETI" (Gr. ἀρετη - contest, competition)

• Opening of the games /10:00 - 10:30/;

• Running /hoplitodromos/ - open tournament;

• Throwing (javelin, discus and discus) - open tournament;

• Archery - tournament for archers;

• Wrestling /pale/ - open tournament;

• Fist fight /pygmachia/ and Free fight /pankration/ - demonstrative fights;

• Armed duels /monomachy/ - tournament for fighters;

All participants in the Festival and guests of the Historical Park will be able to participate in the open competitions of the "Areti" games.

The awarding of the winners will take place during the closing ceremony of the Festival "ODRYUZA - The Cradle of a Thousand Cities", from 16.00 on the second festival day /30.07.2023/.