The medieval gathering "NEW BEGINNING" will officially start at 11:00 a.m. on the first festival day : the 24th of June 2023

The main events during the two festival days are:

"Съборъ" (Gathering) : assembly and review of the fighting teams, with which the program begins (from 11:30 a.m. on the 24th of June)

"Триꙁна" (Fighting contest) : competitions with weapons and military games dedicated to the martial glory of the ancestors (from 12:00 p.m. on the 24th of June):

• Competition of equestrian warriors "Конное ристанiє" (Equestrian warfare)

• Duels with shield and sword, "Меџеноша" (Sword Bearers)

• Battle for the flags "Хорỳговник" (Capture the Banner);

• Presentation of falconers "Крагѹꙗре" (Kraguyari).

"Ристанiє" (Warfare) - medieval war games (from 10:30 a.m. on the 25th of June):

• Folk wrestling, "Ратоборцы" (the Fighters);

• Mass battle of the "Вєликъ Сѣџъ" (the Great Clash);

• Archery event "ꙁмиiєборецъ" (The Dragon Slayer);

The rich program of the two festival days also includes:

• Presentation of the School of Equestrian Warfare "Madarski Konnik" (Madara Rider) and the "Velichie" School: exhibition battles of horse warriors in full combat gear and training of a war dog;

• Walk in the medieval camp with performances by the association "Avitohol", ND "Traditsia" (V. Tarnovo), the music band "Freya" and others;

• Presentation of the "Bagatur" School: historical spectacle about Bulgarian history, military traditions and battle glory;

• Military games and historical workshops for children and guests of the Festival, organised by the host Historical Park;

• Crafts market;

• Presentation of medieval and traditional Bulgarian cuisine;

• Presentation of authentic Bulgarian folklore.

The program will take place simultaneously on several sites:

• The .Станъ. square (Army Camp). In the military camp, the "Gathering" is held: a review of the fighting units before the start of the military "Trizna". The life and customs of tribes from the medieval era is recreated. In the camp, the warriors perfect their fighting skills, the artisans demonstrated their talent and propose their wares, and the women tend to the camp life, the households and take care of cooking the food. Songs are sung, rituals are performed and dances are in full swimg.

• The .Ристалище. square (Equestrian field). On the equestrian field, the horse military games "Ristanie" (archery and saber cutting) are taking place. Children's activities in the form of riding lessons and horseback riding are also held on the square.

• The .Воиново Пόле. (Battlefield) site. On the battlefield, the folk wrestling of the "Ratobortsi", the "Great Clash" fighting contests (duels with shield and sword, "Sword Bearers", flag capture of the "Horugovnik" and the mass battle, the "Great Clash'') will take place. Friendly war games for children with safe weapons will also be held there, in the form of training and tournament competitions.

• The .Стрельница. site (Shooting Range). The archery competition "Dragon Slayer" is held on the shooting range and archery lessons are offered for children and guests of the Gathering.

• The .Кра́гоунъ. site. (Falconry field). On the falconry field, the exhibitions of the falconers "Kraguyari" will unfold and open lessons with birds of prey are held for children and guests of the Gathering.

The evening program includes original interpretations of medieval music, modern medieval rock, dance ensembles, folk songs and shows.


The International Medieval Gathering "New Beginning": 24.06 - 25.06.2022 at the Historical Park, village of Neofit Rilski, municipality of Vetrino awaits its guests!