Welcome the Easter celebrations with the festive program of the Historical Park!

Celebrate the brightest holiday with us!

Welcome the Easter holidays with the festive program of the Historical Park!

For another year, the tourist complex "Historical Park" organizes festive events dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ.

The anticipation of Easter, the biggest and brightest holiday for Orthodox Christians, also called the "holiday of all holidays", will be celebrated with an exciting program and a lot of good mood on the 15th of April, the Holy Saturday.

Under the first rays of the spring sun in the Historical Park, we will delight you with precious family moments, which we will enrich with historical knowledge and unforgettable emotions.

Demonstrations of ancient traditions and rituals, military skills and techniques, clothing and equipment of the past will provide a comprehensive view of the ancient culture of our lands. Transformed into a performance stage, the square in front of the Thracian turzis will be filled with numerous guests.

Start of the program

Location: the square in front of the royal palace of Seuthes III

12:00 – 12:30 Thracian ceremonies, mysticism and rituals

The cultural heritage of the Thracians amazes with the depth of their knowledge and understanding of the world. The ancient Thracians who lived on our lands left a rich legacy in the form of history, artifacts, architecture and many unsolved secrets. With the achievements of the Thracian culture in its entirety, with the aesthetics and craftsmanship of the Thracians, transformed into various areas of military life and spiritual practices, you will meet in the square in front of the palace of the ancient Odrisian kings.

12:30 – 13:00 Demonstration of warfare with medieval weapons

The founding of Danube Bulgaria in the Balkans at the end of the 7th century is among the most significant events on the European continent, a new beginning that established Bulgarian statehood for centuries. We will learn about the strength of the human spirit to defend the integrity of the lands with weapons, about the unity bequeathed by the ancestors, and about the belief that when you manage to draw your father's bow, you have also acquired the power of your ancestors from the demonstration of medieval military skills. You will be transported to the world of the ancients by the whistling of arrows in historical archery from the ground and the clang of weapons in spectacular close combat with sword and shield.

13:00 – 13:30 Equestrians and archery demonstration

Location: the riding paddock

The Bulgarian nation are closely related to the horse. This noble animal is an iconic military symbol, a mark of our origins and heroic heritage. The physical and spiritual bond between a Bulgarian and his comrade in arms has been built over the millennia in caring for each other, in training and in joint work, in battle and in everyday life. In front of the paddock of the Historical Park, the guests of the complex will witness the unity between rider and horse and will enjoy the art of archery from the horse's back.

22:00 Easter service and Easter blessing

Location: the church "St. Archangel Michael"

Residents and guests of the tourist complex in the village of Neofit Rilski and Historical Park will have the opportunity to join the Easter Holy Liturgy, which will be celebrated by Father Nikifor, and light a candle from the blessed fire.

And even during the holidays:

During the holidays, professional tour guides and experienced animators will be available to all guests in areas of the Historical Park, who will present the cultural-historical complex and provide an opportunity for historical archery, horse riding, coin minting, etc. as a memory of the unforgettable journey through time and past eras