His Excellency Mr. Iwan Bogananta, Ambassador of Indonesia to our country, was once again a guest of the Historical Park together with 70 of his colleagues from the embassy and his native country.

The first visit of the distinguished guests from Indonesia to the Historical Park was in 2020, when the ambassador attended the "We are Bulgaria" auto exhibition competition. We welcomed them again at the First International Traditional Food Festival next year.

Our traditions and temperament of eastern peoples bring us closer and make our meetings warm and friendly. This day was exactly like that, filled with a lot of mood and immediate communication between us - representatives of two rich cultures.

The visit of our friends from the Indonesian Embassy began with lunch in the Rosarium, among gilded real Bulgarian roses and under the Bulgarian flag. During the official lunch, Ivelin Mihailov, Executive Director of "Historical Park", and the Ambassador of Indonesia, Mr. Bogonanta, exchanged gifts as a sign of respect. His Excellency presented the emblem to the Embassy of Indonesia with special thanks. Guests were awarded a unique hand-minted coin for good luck and prosperity. Mr. Mihailov said that in fact, in terms of traditions and antiquity, we are closer to the Eastern peoples than to the Western ones, the latter developing only four centuries ago.

After enjoying traditional Indonesian cuisine, one part of the guests went to the Historical Park, and another group went on a discovery tour in the village of Neofit Rilski.

At the History Park, the Indonesian group was charmed by the warm welcome and the exciting journey back in time 10,000 years. The main highlight was their introduction to the aristocratic world of the Thracians, their rich culture and customs. In the Throne Hall of the Thracian Palace, the guests witnessed a royal feast, during which they immortalised their presence with Indonesian songs and dances. In the high spirit and degree of the demonstration of the Thracian wine traditions, the guests sank back in time and were transported to another era. The elder of the group was ascended to the throne to become part of a wine ritual to fraternise with the ruler. Fascinated by the experiences, H.E. Ambassador Iwan Bogananta and his guests promised to return again next year during some of the international events at the Historical Park.

The group that visited the village of Neofit Rilski was introduced to a unique medieval Bulgarian architecture, restored in all its glory, which can only be seen here - the only medieval-styled station in the world and one of the guest houses in the same style with royal gardens.

The flame of admiration was seen in the eyes of our guests when they realised that all this was built by like-minded people who united under the nowadays forgotten virtues such as honor, trust, faith, dedication, selflessness, love.

The whole day passed in warm and positive emotions of two peoples, close in spirit and culture, building bridges between each other and plans for future meetings and joint projects.

It was an experience to remember.

We look forward to welcoming them again.

Elisaveta Slavova and Milena Lekova