Our archery tournament attracted teams and individual participants from various countries

The traditional archery tournament, held under the motto "History and Tradition", is gaining more and more popularity and attracts not only individual participants, but also whole teams.

Thanks to the authentic historical setting, the diverse and challenging competition disciplines, as well as the participation of famous archers, this tournament has the ambition to rank among the most prestigious in the world. The teams of Turkey, Romania, Slovakia and Poland announced their participation in this year's edition of the tournament several months ago.

The participants of Velichie School at Historical Park train hard and hold regular internal qualifying rounds, aiming to allow only the most skilled among them to participate in the competition.

The 3rd International Traditional Archery Tournament is open and will be open to any fan of the art of archery who has previously declared their desire to participate. The Open Championship will be held on 24/09 and 25/9/2022 and will include nine disciplines on each competition day.

Rough terrain, unevenness, water surface, fortress walls and different types of 3D targets will become a serious challenge for the competitors in this year's edition of the tournament. Each subsequent discipline in the tournament competition is of gradating complexity. Successful handling of all disciplines requires not only qualities such as discipline, persistence, but also high concentration, precision and a desire for constant self-improvement.

The Bulgarian Archery Federation will send an competent judging panel to report the results and impartially award the prizes. The achievements and skills of the best archers, the host of the event, "Historical Park", will award cash prizes. A total of 8,000 levas compose the prize fund, which will be distributed in the men's and women's groups, respectively for:

• 1st place - BGN 2500;

• 2nd place - BGN 1000;

• 3rd place - BGN 500;

A special prize will be awarded for the best archer in the discipline - a spinning medieval target "DRAGON SLAYER".

 Physical prizes will be distributed in the children and youth groups.

On Saturday evening (the 24th of September), the organiser of the event - "Historical Park" is preparing a special evening program for all participants and guests. The troupe "Palyachi" will take part in it and will captivate the audience with a historical plot combined with modern performance art with fire, lights, special effects, dance and theater.

The troupe has been awarded twice by the Guild of Attraction and Performing Arts to the Union of Artists in Bulgaria for "Outstanding contribution to the development of a fire and light show" in Bulgaria. In 2022, Palyachi will be among the laureates of the prestigious national competition Ikar.

On the two competition days, Historical Park will welcome numerous guests, lovers of the history and culture of their ancestors, from Bulgaria and the entire civilized world.

ARE YOU READY TOO for the new archery championship?

 JOIN US in the third edition of the international tournament held in Historical Park under the motto "History and Tradition", where the best archers will enter a contested competition for the prestigious title and the grand prize.

BE PART OF HISTORY and enjoy the ancient art and skills of archers.