The International Ethnic Jazz festival "Bratimene" and its concert at the Historical Park

In the height of summer, Historical Park offers its guests and fans of true art an event that carries with it the feeling of sophistication and unobtrusive luxury.

The international ethno jazz festival "Bratimene" will present a musical performance with world-class virtuosos!

On the 19th of August 2022, among the exquisite architecture and marble colonnades of the Thracian Palace, guests of the Historical Park will be able to enjoy the art of the world-famous Hojsak & Novosel presented by the Great Maestro Theodossi Spasov.

The program is an incredible combination not only of folklore and jazz, but also of bright musical personalities. Enriched with masterful fire skillfully unleashed by the Icarus 2022 nominees - ~Paliacci fire show, spectators of this concert will experience true aesthetic joy and satisfaction.

The duo from Croatia, Hojsak & Novosel, are acclaimed virtuosos who combine two stringed instruments with different playing traditions in their work. In less than two years, they have performed in the USA, China, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and all over Croatia, representing their country as cultural ambassadors around the world.

Collaborating with Maestro Theodossi Spasov, Vlatko Srefanovski, Matia Dedic and many others, Hojsak & Novosel will play in Bulgaria on the stage of Historical Park for the first time.

Thanks to the world-renowned virtuoso Maestro Theodossi Spasov, the international ethno jazz festival received well-deserved attention and interest from a number of European festivals, which wish to include it in their programs in 2023 and 2024.

The international festival "Bratimene" was created with the support of the National Culture Fund.

Don't miss the social event starting at 21:00 in Historical Park on 19/08/2022!

Maestro Theodossi Spasov's band will be with you with specially prepared musical performances!

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Historical Park, as well as from the website

Place in a green zone: 50 levas

Seat in blue (VIP) zone: 80 levas

In the blue (VIP) zone option, customers also receive a glass of wine, water and a small Thracian compliment!

The show starts at 21:00.

Host: Elitsa Videnova

Screenplay and staging: Ivan Ivanov grandfather

Manager: Stanislav Dobrev

Scenographic and technical provision: "Intermusic" Ivelin Petrov

Camera and video wall: Biser Petkov

Expect a unique moment!