New tree planting campaign 2022

And this year, we, at the Historical Park and the "Land of the Free Men" are improving the areas around the Historical Park, the village of Neofit Rilski, and in addition, this year we are expanding the scope of tree planting to the surrounding villages in the Vetrino municipality.

We have prepared a total of 3,000 trees, mainly broad-leaved, with which to create new forest areas and to attract animal and plant life forms through the newly created favorable environment.

There are several things you can do in the campaign that are likely to bring you happiness and satisfaction:

- get involved in reforestation as a volunteer and be part of a community where there is cohesion, talk and action for creation and real conversations and relationships happen;

- to donate funds for a tree and have it planted with your name or the name of someone close to you, together with a short message/covenant and have your tree in a wonderful place;

- you can use the opportunity to visit the "Historical Park" and remind yourself of the "real things" in humans, because these "things" are already in the red book of disappearing principles, qualities and thoughts.

A few interesting facts about the trees and the tree planting initiatives we organise:

1. In the photos, you saw over 900 trees that arrived from the Netherlands. They travel in a refrigerated trailer and each row is covered with special textile blankets soaked in water to keep them fresh after the long journey in the warm weather.

2. For the further care of the trees, we have purchased a water carrier with which we water them. During the hot months, the amount of water required for a tree to grow normally is about 100 liters per week. For this batch alone, that means 90 tons a week.

3. Planting usually involves many volunteers and results in community-building events that usually end with a communal meal and various enjoyable activities. Many young families with small children come, who also help and eat their own tree.

4. Last year, participants in the GorataBG Facebook group accused us of taking money from people for trees that will never catch on, because July and August are not suitable for planting. The truth to date is that 100 out of 100 trees have caught root. The reason for the high success rate is that the trees are container-grown and very high quality, which we choose for our sites. Another very important element is watering, which we mentioned above.

How to donate a tree to Historical Park and Municipality of Vetrino?

1. Select the appropriate tree with appropriate symbolism from the campaign

2. Call to order at

+359889222885 or


3. Discuss the name and message of the tree and complete the order

4. You will receive a bank account to which you can transfer the appropriate donation amount.