The Historical Park and its fairytale present for Christmas

Historical Park has created 2 young forests this year in 2 campaigns for planting trees. On the eve of the bright Christmas holiday, we want to give those who wish to stay in eternity an occasion to leave their contribution for 2021. Dozens of people asked us if they could make a Christmas present for their loved ones by giving them a tree. Thanks to all of you who participated in the previous campaigns, in a year or two and after daily care for the trees you will be able to admire the forests created by all of us! And today, now, in 2021, we have the opportunity to give our loved ones care and contribution to the creation of a third forest!

Why do we do it?

Everywhere the media, television, radio tell us how things "do not work." Every day, people find inaccuracies and flaws in someone who has done something good. At one point, we enter a vicious circle in which we only say what is not happening, and do nothing to show how things happen.

If there is any danger to us and our children today, it is precisely the meteorological shift that is taking place, which can make the Earth and nature continue to exist, but without humans.

Campaigns such as "Plant a tree and live through eternity" take care not only of planting trees, but also of their cultivation and care. Creating a forest is the same as creating a child - it's easy to conceive, it's hard to take care of. This is exactly what we do with the trees and several young forests we have created in and around the Historical Park. This would not have been possible without your understanding and desire to create and contribute, a desire to grow a tree and spread this information to other people. We thank the creators - those who do something new, who contribute, who use the power given to them by God - to create!

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