Festive concert with the ensemble "Rodoliubie"

Dear guests, supporters and lovers of Bulgarian folklore, in August, the territory of the Historical Park will be filled with vitality and positive emotions, to the sound of native rhythms, thanks to our special guests will be the unique ensemble "Rodoliubie" from Taraklia!

They are the only professional ensemble for Bulgarian folklore abroad, which reveals the beauty of the songs, music and dances of the Bulgarians in Bessarabia. Founded in 1986 by the patriot Stefan Stoyanov, ABNPT "Rodoliubie" travels through the largest cities in Europe, presenting our traditions and culture. Back in Bulgaria and for the first time in the Historical Park, on the 3rd of August, the ensemble will present us an uplifting concert, which will include some of the emblematic dance masterpieces - "Thracian Dance", "Rachenitsa" and "Shopski Dance".

For all the years of its development ABNPT "Rodoliubie" Taraklia has grown on an increasing professional level and occupies a worthy place in the hall of fame of Bulgarian folklore. The director of the ensemble is Nina Aututova, the leader of the dance ensemble is Olesya Todorova, Tsvetan Tsonev is the conductor of the orchestra, Maria Tsoneva is the conductor of the vocal ensemble. Today, the ensemble employs many young people who have connected their lives with Bulgarian folk art.

If you also feel connected to folklore, you want to support the people who spread our culture abroad or you just want to diversify your everyday life, welcome to the festive concert with the ensemble "Patriotism", which will be held on the 3rd of August from 19:00. In the Historical Park (in front of the Thracian Palace).

A truly uplifting event awaits us, be a part of his emotion!