The team of the Historical Park opened the European Handball Championship in the "Juniors" category

In the middle of July, the city of Varna hosted the European Beach Handball Championship, hosting one of the most spectacular events for the summer season of 2021.

More than 1,200 athletes, 70 judges and delegates, and 230 volunteers took part in the competition, making it one of the largest sporting events ever held in the seaside town. For the opening of the European Championship for boys and girls under 17, on July 8, the organisers of the Bulgarian Federation and Sports invited our team as special guests and participants in the event.

As the №1 site for cultural-historical and educational tourism, the Historical Park presented the Bulgarian culture, history and traditions of the foreign participants and spectators in front of the small screens, which the whole of Europe was trembling in anticipation to see. In order to recreate the Bulgarian history in the most authentic, educational and interesting way for the audience, for the opening of the event, the team told us key moments of our history in the form of a fairy tale. Dressed in authentic clothes, we showed the strength of the Bulgarian spirit, as the spectators witnessed clothes typical of the prehistoric era, Thracian period and the Middle Ages.

For our second participation, during the closing ceremony, we made a demonstration, recreating the great covenant of Khan Kubrat and his sons. We have shown how important unity is and how it helps us withstand the difficulties of life.

We are happy that we had the opportunity to present part of the history of Bulgaria to young people!

By participating, we wish success to each of the participants and inspire strength and confidence in their performance. We thank the Bulgarian Federation and Sports for the invitation!