Jury for the Competition for the composition of a musical anthem

The Historical Park organizes a competition for the composition of a musical anthem as part of the ancient and medieval festival "New Beginning", which will be held in the park between the 18th and the 20th of June 2021.

The competition aims to inspire artists to create and perform music in praise of our beautiful homeland, nature and glorious history. To lift the spirits of the people, through music and speech, to make them appreciate and love their country, and to be proud of the achievements of all who build, create and create.

More than 45 participants from all over Bulgaria took part in the competition. All of them had the wonderful opportunity to present their works to a large audience to enjoy their original music and lyrics. Here are the 15 participants approved by the specialised jury and admitted to the big concert of the festival "New Beginning"  who stood out with the qualities and love they invested in their work.

Participants will compete in a contested race for the grand prize of:

First place - 20,000 levas.

Second place - 7,000 levas.

Third place - 3,000 levas.

You can hear and see their works live, during the big festival concert from the program of the ancient and medieval festival "New Beginning", which you will find here.

The musical works will be evaluated by a specialized jury, as well as by the audience, and the final ranking is taken by the average result of the jury and the audience - 50/50%, so be part of the concert to support them on the way to their growth!

The specialized jury, which will assess who deserves to take the top three, includes:

1. Galina Stanisheva

Galina graduated with honours from the National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov" in Varna, and later a master's degree from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts "Prof. Asen Diamandiev ”in Plovdiv, where she graduated with a degree in musical pedagogy. She studied conducting with Assoc. Prof. Krikor Chetinyan and specialized in classical singing in the class of Prof. Valentina Alexandrova.

Today, Galina is the conductor of the concert ensemble of the Children's Choir "Dobri Hristov" in Varna and a member of the organizing staff of the International May Choir Competition in Varna. She is also a long-time main organizer of the National Children's Folklore Competition "Dinyo Marinov". In 2018 she was awarded the Silver Lyre of the Union of Bulgarian Music and Dance Figures in Bulgaria.

2. Zdravko Petrov

Zdravko is a senior music editor in the "Horizon" program of the Bulgarian National Radio, a part-time assistant in the history of pop music, music design and music editing for the media at the NMA "Professor Pancho Vladigerov".

He graduated from his hometown's musical school and the Faculty of Music Theory at the Music Academy (AMTII) in Plovdiv with the specialties: musical pedagogy, methodology and teaching solfeggio.

Since 1996, he is a full-time music editor at the Bulgarian National Radio, and currently a senior music editor at the Horizon program, MUSIC editorial office.

He is a member of SBK (Union of Bulgarian Composers) in the section of musicologists, as well as of SBZ (Union of Bulgarian Journalists) in the section of music journalists.

For many years, he also focused his musical interests in the field of popular music.

He has judged at the festivals "Golden Orpheus", "Sofia", "Bulgarian Song" of Eurovision, "Lyre of Orpheus", Radio Competition "Spring", "15 Tulips", "The Road to Glory" and many others.

Since 2012, Zdravko Petrov has been fully responsible for the rotation and broadcasting of the songs in the streaming channel for Bulgarian pop and rock music "Bg Pop" on BNR radio.

3. Kostadin Genchev

Kostadin is a composer for the Historical Park. He graduated in Composition at the National Academy of Music, Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”in Sofia.

He is a soloist and composer in the folk music orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio. In 2019, he won the Golden Lyre Award of the Union of Music and Dance. He is the author of film music, symphonic and chamber music, dance music and others.

He has contributed to the ethno projects of the bands "Bulgara","Diva Reka","Belonoga".

Member of the Union of Bulgarian Composers.

Visit us on 19.06. during the festival "New Beginning" to see and support the performances of the participants live or follow our social networks online, where we will publish additional information.

We wish success to each of them!

June 18-20, 2021,

Historical Park, village of Neofit Rilski

Municipality of Vetrino, Varna region