A painter wins 10 000 levas in the "Historical Painting" competition!

From the 6th to the 24th of May, the exhibition-competition "Historical Painting" was held in the Historical Park near Varna. It is the first such exhibition held in Bulgaria in the last 30 years.

The exhibition was attended by artists from 5 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Ukraine and Bulgaria. All of them have created their paintings on Bulgarian themes and recognize Bulgarian history as their own.

The exhibition was held in order to support painters who paint their creation on historical themes and in particular Ancient and Medieval history that took place in our lands.

The exhibition was held in 2 stages: first the selection of the audience and evaluations by a qualified jury. The jury, composed of specialists, was composed of Prof. Margarita Vaklinova, Prof. Aksinia Dzhurova and Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Ninov. The evaluations of the audience and the jury were of equal importance, and the winning paintings are: 3rd place is for Diana Breshkova with her painting of "Queen Irina", and 2nd place is for Veselin Chakarov and his painting "The Miracle of Patriarch Euthymius". The coveted first place was won by Miroslav Yotov with his detailed painting "The Audience before Tsar Simeon the Great".

The lady in 3rd place shared the reason why she chose to paint Queen Irina: "Queen Irina Komnina was the second wife of Tsar Ivan Asen II. She is the daughter of the Epirus despot Theodore Comnenus captured with his whole family by the Bulgarian king. She was very beautiful and strong woman and did not go unnoticed by the Bulgarian ruler. It is said that after the death of Ivan Assen II, she became regent of their son Michael II and ruled on his behalf. This is a short story of hers. I decided to paint her because I was looking for a strong and impressive female figure in our story. The crown is painted after a reconstruction of her original crown.
Regarding the choice of the theme "The Miracle of Patriarch Euthymius", the artist Veselin Chakarov shared: "I painted a gloomy episode in Bulgarian history, when the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, Veliko Tarnovo, fell. The patriarch was to be beheaded, but when the executioner raised his sword to cut off his head, he became paralyzed. Then the Ottomans decided not to kill him, but to send him into exile. He was sent to the modern-day Bachkovo Monastery, where he lived until the end of his days. It was a challenge for me that the plot predisposes to something quite gloomy, but carries an emotional charge and a message for generations. The message encoded in the whole picture is that there is always hope, Patriarch Euthymius is a symbol of the indomitable Bulgarian spirit. "
The finalist Miroslav Yotov told us about the painting "The Audience before Tsar Simeon": "It is painting that depicts the era to the smallest detail. The purpose of the picture is to show the greatness of Tsar Simeon, to convey visually in full splendour the atmosphere of Veliki Preslav, the guests received by the king. I have conveyed the time and the atmosphere as authentically as possible so that the spirit of the time and the era can be felt by the viewer, as this is a part of history that we have always been proud of as Bulgarians and I wanted to remind our people again. In the picture I put a deep psychological story of all those present: the various characters of the people's guests of the king, the royal family, the members of the court. At that time, Simeon was not only equal to the Byzantine emperor, but also more powerful than him, and I recreated this greatness as authentically as possible with the help of consultants of the era, to remain for future generations.

The total prize fund amounts to BGN 13,000, and amounts of BGN 10,000, 2,000 and 1,000 were won by the winners of first, second and third place in the competition, respectively. All other paintings have the opportunity to be purchased by within 7 days by anyone who is a connoisseur and is willing to personally support the artists. Those wishing to purchase any of the paintings can do so by contacting the Historical Park on their website or send a message on their Facebook page The Historic Park will help connect artists and those who want to own the magnificent paintings.

And since financial reasons may deter many charitable activities that do not seek profit, Ivelin Mihailov, executive director of the Historical Park and initiator of the exhibition, decided to help several other artists by purchasing their paintings. He also set the beginning of the week in which each person can buy a painting for himself, but with a noble purpose.

In addition to platforms for communication and those for selling unnecessary items, we can already enjoy a platform in support of artists and their art in Bulgaria.


Video of the award ceremony of the participants of the exhibition-competition "Historical Painting":