Competition for the composition of a musical composition: Anthem. June 18th, 19th and 20th, 2021.

«Historical Park» organises a competition for writing a musical composition, an anthem on the 18th, 19th and 20th June 2021.

The competition aims to inspire artists to create and perform music in praise of our beautiful homeland, nature and glorious history. To lift the people's spirits through music and speech, to make them appreciate and love their country, and to be proud of the achievements of all who build, create and inspire.

Composers, artists and performers have a wonderful opportunity to present their works to a large audience to enjoy beautiful music and lyrics.


 - The competition is not anonymous. Each participant must fill in their full names, surname, phone number and e-mail for contact purposes.

 - The compositions must be new and created for the competition.

 - The composition must contain text and music.

 - Duration of the composition: from 3 (three) to 8 (eight) minutes.

 - Each participant can freely chooses the form of his creation.

 - Candidates for the competition have to send their compositions as a professional audio recording in WAVE format (via a link from a file sharing platform) to the following e-mails:, by 15.06.2021.

- The awarded works remain the gratuitous property of Historical Park AD.

How will the works be evaluated?

The musical compositions that have been sent for the competition will be presented to a three-member professional jury, which will select and allow the appropriate works to participate.

The admitted works will be evaluated by the same jury as well as by the public, as the final ranking is taken equally by the average result of the jury and the public.

The musical compositions are to be presented on a professional audio recording in WAVE format.

How will the works be presented to the public?

The admitted works will be performed on an open stage in front of an audience in the «Historical Park» on June 18th, 19th and 20th, 2021, and there is an opportunity for the vocal parts to be performed live with playback.

Prize fund:

First place - 20,000 levas

Second place - 7,000. levas

Third place - 3,000. levas

Good luck to the participants!