How did we create the encyclopedia about Khan Tervel?

The book-encyclopedia "Khan Tervel - The Battle for Christendom" focuses on one of the great military conflicts in the medieval world: the siege of Constantinople by the troops of the Umayyad Caliphate, and the key role played by the Bulgarian ruler, Khan Tervel, in the defeat of the invaders and the rescue of Europe.

Tervel himself, the successor of Khan Asparukh, was an exceptional ruler and a magnetic personality. Earlier and later chroniclers mention his victory. The Western Church proclaimed him a saint under the name of St. Trivelius Theokist.

The book presents the main parties involved in the conflict: Byzantines, Arabs and Bulgars, and conveys the characteristics of the era of each nation through weapons, religion and moral principles that guided them. The book has extremely detailed and descriptive illustrations by the artist Veselin Chakarov. About the work behind the text and drawings, the precious help of a professional consultant was used: the historical reenactor Milen Petrov. His advice and recommendations on the armament and vision of the warriors from the early years of the First Bulgarian Kingdom were extremely helpful.

The work on the book was accompanied by a study of various and diverse sources and numerous meetings and conversations between the creative team, sometimes escalating into heated arguments. But thanks to them, the efforts paid off and the book "Khan Tervel" became a remarkable piece of literature, which makes the reader feel like being part of the great victory of the Bulgarian ruler over the Arabs.

When writing the book, a particularly interesting point should be noted. After the initial creation of the work, as a result of one of the next creative meetings and discussions, the author Miroslav Petrov decided to rewrite it. Despite the extremely laborious process that accompanies the creation of a book, the second and improved version, which readers can now enjoy, was completed in just one month.

The book about Khan Tervel tells about the great times in the history of Bulgaria, reminding us that the true values ​​for Bulgarians have always been justice, courage and dignity.

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Author: Miroslav Petrov

Illustrator: Veselin Chakarov

Historical reenactor & consultant: Milen Petrov