Investment in a site of cultural and historical significance from the "Tourism Magazine"

In honour of the World Tourism Day, the magazine “Destination Bulgaria” presented its awards to municipalities, managers, investors, tourist sites and individuals who have contributed to the promotion of Bulgaria as a tourist destination.

Participants competed in the following categories:

Sea tourism

Mountain tourism 

Conference and business tourism

Cultural Tourism

Festival tourism

Rural tourism

SPA tourism


Wine tourism

Alternative tourism

Pilgrimage tourism

Specialized tourism

Tourist attraction

Tourist event

Tourist destination

Innovation in the field of tourism

Sustainability in the work and management of municipalities

The choice of the client

Best collaboration with Destination Bulgaria magazine - the magazine for tourism.

The winners in each category were determined by a committee with representatives: Media Company K and P Advertising, representatives of the tourism industry and media partners of Destination Bulgaria magazine.

The criteria by which the winners were determined depended on:

• high results achieved in tourism

• application and exchange of good practices and their recognition 

• creating a positive image of Bulgaria 

• successful management 

Historical Park was awarded a diploma for "Successful investment in a site of cultural and historical significance" by the chairman of the commission - Pavlinka Ivanova.

The diploma was accepted by Ivelin Lyudmilov Mihailov, at the award ceremony, on September 24th, 2020.

In the new year, despite the constantly changing situation, we will continue to prove that the Historical Park develops, teaches and gives hope to Bulgarians not only to keep the Bulgarian spirit alive in their homeland, but also to respect, praise and appreciate it.

We open our doors to visitors again in March. Until then, keep your body and spirit healthy!