Bulgaria in a nutshell, as seen by Nellie Huang

As already mentioned, the Dutch blogger Nellie Huang was our guest at the Historical Park on August 1-5. During this trip, we showed her several landmarks of our country and I will present her impressions briefly below.

"We are leaving for Bulgaria - this is my second visit to this country. The first time, I had a blast and now I hope to explore and experience more. This is a country №41 for my daughter Kaleya! This time we will be accommodated in the new Historical Park in the village of Neofit Rilski, which opened at the end of June. I expect to learn more about the history of Varna and the region.

Our first stop in our historically oriented journey through Bulgaria is Veliko Tarnovo. This charming city was once the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. It is now a beautiful mix of cobbled streets and stone houses. At the top of all this rises the fortress Tsarevets, which was a royal palace hundreds of years ago. Golly! Look at the view from the fortress!

Our trip to Bulgaria included the newly opened Historical Park in the village of Neofit Rilski. It is still in the first stage of its development (it will be fully completed in 2023), but I am very impressed by what has been done so far. Personally, I really like the interactive elements, where visitors learn everything from the Neolithic era to the Thracian civilization through various shows and performances.