Bulgaria with Historical Park

A few months ago, I was contacted by Pierre, who manages Varna's Historical Park, to come and visit this place dedicated to History which opened in late June, along with part of this lovely country.

A lovely country which I discover for the first time with delight, and which left me starry-eyed!

I won't tell you any more for now, come along for a very special visit!

Ready to follow me for a new country ?!

After flying from Paris to Sofia, then from Sofia to Varna, I head directly to Sea Gardens, a beautiful garden filled with flowers and colors, and with direct access to the Black Sea!

Then I go to a little paradise known as Kalimantsi Han, a village situated at a 15 minutes' drive from Varna, where I will spend the night. Very quaint and off the beaten track

To kick off day two, I'm driving down a road surrounded by sunflowers, to Varna's Historical Park, with one stop at Neofit Rilski where my guest house awaits. The perfect place for visitors who wish to stay near the Historical Park.

A few steps away lies the Historical Park, which is not yet finished despite its inauguration three weeks ago. But it looks very promising and I'm tempted to come back in a few weeks when it's all done!

We are talking about the largest and really first ever cultural historical and entertainment educational park of this kind, in the whole world !

From the Prehistoric times, through the famous history of the Thracians and Rome, until the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdom during the Middle Ages.

Here's the historic Neolithic Settlement built in 2016, the first part of the Park

One of the main aims of its creation is to present the rich and ancient history and culture of Bulgaria to national and foreign visitors.

Visitors will see the authentic architecture, historical monuments, and records, also real historical performances and treasure replicas in a site of 500 decares !

This part of the Park will be open in a couple of weeks to the visitors, and completely finished in 2022

On this third day, I leave Varna and the Park to explore Bulgaria a bit further.

My first stop is in Pliska, an ancient city, and the first capital city of Bulgaria in 681!

I took some drone shots as it was the best for seeing how huge is this archeological site!

After that, onwards to Madara, famous for its national historical and archeaological collection, as well as its Horse Rider carved in solid stone! Truly impressive!

I end this day by going towards Veliko Tarnovo, to the Tsarevets Fortress! It was used as the main fortress of the Second Bulgarian Empire from 1185 to 1393, its long remparts sheltering the royal family's palace and the patriarcal palace.

I enjoy a well-earned rest, with an incredible view over the Assen Dynasty monument!

I start this fourth day with a little walk around the old part of Veliko Tarnovo, before getting back on the road to Polvdiv, which in Spring is surrounded by lavander fields and roses (which means I'm a little late, in early July!)

As soon as I reach Plovdiv, I head to the ethnographic regional museum of Plovdiv, the second largest specialized museum of this type in Bulgaria. It's a recognized scientific and educational institution, as well as an attractive center for cultural tourism. The museum opened in 1917 and has been located in the nationally significant Kuyumdzhieva house since 1938.

After that, a long walk around the streets of Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in Europe and my favorite for this trip, maybe because it reminds me of France in some aspects!

House of the famous French poet Alphonse de Lamartine

It's already the fifth and final day of this trip.

I leave Plovdiv for Nessebar !

A lovely resort town, and historic Bulgarian city, greek from Antiquity to 1923, sitting on a rocky presque-isle reaching out into the Black Sea.

These five days in Bulgarian flew by, but it has been a wonderful discovery for me !

I hope to go back soon, maybe in September, to see the completed and fully-functional Historical Park, as well as visit Varna again and go to Sofia :)

 Once again, thank you to Historical Park for this wonderful trip!

Author: Marc Nouss