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RULES of Second International Archery Tournament with Traditional Bow “HISTORICAL PARK 2021!”

I. General rules

1. The tournament will be open to archers who have a traditional bow without an arrow holder and wooden or bamboo arrows with natural feathers.

2. The nocks of the arrows must be made of natural materials or a self-nock. Plastic nocks are prohib-ited! Only sport arrow heads are allowed!

3. Each shooter must have a minimum of 12 arrows. Each arrow must be marked with the name of the participant.

4. Any measuring instruments and markings on the handle and body of the bow, which can be used for aiming, will not be allowed! Only one nock point on the bowstring is allowed!

5. All grips are allowed, triggers are prohibited!

6. Hits after a ricochet or an arrow bouncing from the target will not be counted!

7. All the participants must wear traditional clothes!

8. Talking with archers while they are shooting is absolutely forbidden!

9. Arrogant and unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated, and the judging team will have the right to remove participants who obstruct the event, as well as shooters under the influence of alcohol!

II. Conditions of participation

1. The fee set by the organiser for participation in the various categories is as follows:

- women and men (over 16 years old) 50 levas;

- youths (up to 16 years old) 25 levas;

- children (up to 10 years) participation is free of charge;

III. Details of the competition

1. The participants will shoot in groups of 10 to 15 archers. Each group there will be accompanied by a judge who will declare the beginning and end of the shooting and will score points according to the hits.

2. The starting numbers will be determined according to the order of registration and after checking the weapons on 25.09.

3. Only parents will have the right, if they wish, to shoot with their children in one group and with consecutive starting numbers!

4. In some of the planned disciplines, the distances will not be announced in advance!

5. The total number of arrows shot provided in the qualifiers and finals is about 100.

6. The order of the disciplines will not be the same as announced!

7. The organisers reserve the right to change and reduce the disciplines, according to the meteorologi-cal conditions and other factors!

IV. Structure of the tournament

1. The competition will be held in two stages respectively. Qualifications and finals, which will be held on 25/09/2021 and 26/09/2021, respectively.

V. Qualifications, one series of arrows per disciplines:

1. A square paper target divided into six small squares, which will be numbered randomly from 1 to 6. They must be shot according to the order of the squares, moving to the next, only after hitting the pre-vious one! Hits in a non-consecutive square are not counted! 6 arrows. 10 meters.

2. Shooting from a seating position on a 3D target. 6 arrows.

3. Shooting from a fortress wall. Target in the shape of a human torso. 6 arrows.

4. Shooting at a medieval, rotating target. When hit, the shooting stops. 3 arrows.

5. Shooting over the lake of the Historical Park! 3D target. 6 arrows.

6. Traditional Ottoman target "puta". 6 arrows.

7. Shooting from a boat, concentric paper target 40 cm. 6 arrows.

8. 60 meters, concentric paper target 80 cm. 6 arrows.

9. 18 meters, concentric paper target 40 cm. 6 arrows.

VI. Finals, two series per disciplines:

1. Shooting at a medieval, rotating target. When hit, the shooting stops. 3 arrows.

2. Traditional Ottoman target "puta". 6 arrows.

3. 60 meters, concentric paper target 80 cm. 6 arrows

4. Shooting at ceramic pots. 30 meters. 6 arrows. When a pot is hit, the shooting stops.

5. 18 meters, concentric paper target 40 cm. 6 arrows.

VII. Ranking and awards

1. Ranking:

- After completing the qualifications and announcing the results, 50% of the participants with the best overall result in each of the groups, men, women, children and youth, will qualify for the final!

- The final ranking will be established from the total number of points from the final disciplines, in four groups - men, women, youth and children.

2. Prize fund

- In the groups of men and women a prize fund is provided, as for:

- the 1st place the prize is 5000 levas

- the 2nd place 2000 levas

- the 3rd 1000 levas.

- In the groups of children and youth, the prizes will be gifts

VIII. Additional information

The payment of the cash prizes will be organised within six months after the completion of all organisational procedures.