Second International Medieval Festival "New Beginning"

Festival zone of the Historical Park, village of Neofit Rilski, Vetrino municipality, Varna region

From the 18.06 to the 19.06.2022, the Historical Park will host the Second International Medieval Festival "New Beginning", organised on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the opening of the largest cultural and historical attraction in the world and dedicated to the establishment of the Bulgarian state on the Lower Danube at the end of the VIIth century (680-681).

During the two days of the festival,  the way of life, culture and warfare of the Bulgarians and the peoples of Eurasia during the Early Middle Ages will be recreated: from the end of the Vth century (476) to the end of the Xth century (1000). Guests of the festival will be associations for historical reenactment, freelance reenactors, master craftsmen, musicians and artists from Bulgaria and abroad.

The guests of the Historical Park will be entirely transported to the world of medieval wars and will witness challenging tournaments: in traditional archery - with the "DRAGON SLAYER", horseback archery - with the "MIGHTY HORSE ARCHERS", historical medieval duels, with the "MECHENOSHA" (the Swordsmen). They will watch spectacular equestrian war games with the "RISTANIE" and will be thrilled by the clash of the medieval warriors during the "VELIKA SECH" (the Great Clash).

And regiments will gather like sea sand - gilded shield bearers, sword brothers, peerless riders and iron-clad warriors. And all the iron-bearers, these brave men, armed and strong, shall be nimble of body and breath fire in the fray. And more men, adorned in war helms and sharp spears, foot soldiers, knights, swordsmen, horsemen and archers, and shield bearers and fighters. And the field shall be filled with valiant men, and all the earth covered in iron. Spears will fly, helmets and shields shall shine. Like dawn, they will glisten and the air will be filled with flying blades.

BE WITH US at the Second International Medieval Festival "New Beginning", on the 18th and 19th of June, 2022. in the Historical Park, village of Neofit Rilski, Vetrino municipality.