End of the 2020 season

Historical Park
End of the 2020 season

In 2020, visitors of Historical Park had the unique opportunity to:

  • enjoy sunlight, fresh air and life-giving energy
  • immerse theirselves in the magic of sunset guided tours
  • experience horse riding and the ancient techniques of hunting with birds of prey
  • awaken the deeply hidden instinct of a warrior, throwing an arrow with a traditional Bulgarian bow
  • sail a Medieval boat with their beloved ones
  • to quench their thirst with craft beer on hot days and to warm their souls with the wine of the gods in the autumn
  • to feel the taste of the past, revived in our traditional dishes.
  • to learn the testament of Khan Kubrat and pass it on to their children 
  • to feast with the gods like Thracian kings
  • to distinguish the most worthy among those who have chosen to advertise Bulgaria through their cars
  • to admire great moments of Bulgarian history, immortalized on the canvases of local and foreign artists
  • to capture their most intimate experiences in thematic photo shoots

All this and much more will be in store for you in 2021

Until then, we will work tirelessly. Follow our Facebook page and our website to the construction of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and all the other miracles that  people united around a common goal create.

 Wishing you health and strength,

 The team of Historical Park